5 eco-renovations for your home on a budget

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The hunt for the ultimate (and eco) bed is on!

One good thing about the coronacrisis is that we finally get to spend a lot of time at home. We might be alone with a loved one, or with a crew, but ask anyone you know and it seems like everyone has a little bit –– if not more –– home decorating going on. There are endless ways you can make your house a little more livable, after you have Marie Kondo-ed it. You have probably put away the winter clothes, and blankets and now have a little more space to enjoy. But COVID-19 times have brought on new meaning to home. It should be cozy, functional (maybe it’s an office and a daycare center now?), easy to clean and be uncluttered. 

So here are 5 ways you can ecofy your home without spending much money. 

1.  Make a list of what you need to buy, but don’t buy right now. First just make the list, then after a day or so, cross off half those things from the list. I used to do this when packing for cross-country adventures. The lighter the better. Then because you are eco conscious this means finding brands and deals that suit your mindset and budget. I remember the first time about 15 years ago when I discovered an online coupon for the Gap. It was a coupon that I downloaded online and which kept giving, at up to 70%. Saving money means working less, spending less resources making stuff for our planet. Find home decor coupons online everywhere, local to you. 

2.  Start a garden. Spending time in your garden is much better than spending it online or fighting with your spouse over who is going to do the housework. If you are able, start a small plot in your garden by cutting up some grass. Order seeds online or if it’s safe, go to a local garden center to see what they have. Best bets are herbs if you are new to it, and easy to grow things like zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Medicinal plants are always a good thing. Here are 7 herbs to grow at home

3. Bring out some eco paint. Yeah it will cost double but when you can find the eco paint, go for it. Paint fumes are nasty and can off gas for a year. Now that you are at home more than ever you will want to minimize the exposure risk. You can even buy a white paint or eggshell paint and stain it with products you have at home if it is acrylic paint. Try spirulina for green, turmeric for yellow, and beets for red and purple. You should have all three of these healthy things at home anyway. Make sure you strain the spices and colors after you add them to the paint. Or leave them in. Whatever floats your boat. 

4. Get a mattress you love. Spending quality time at home might mean turning your bedroom into an office or study, or college. If you have the means, find an eco option, like a bamboo mattress not one of those plastic pop out of the box mattresses. One of my favorites is a futon. Find them simple, great for your back, and buy them with cotton batting, preferably from hemp and cotton sources, organic if possible. 

5. Turn your rooms into multiple functioning spaces – like an art studio. Chances are you don’t even need all those rooms. Remember the days when mom or grandma had a sitting room covered in plastic? Rooms are made for truly living in. Maybe you want a pottery studio, a small carpentry shop, a place for putting glitter on the craft projects? Build yourself a hobby horse put an old door on top and you have got the ultimate work table. No need for IKEA or stuff you won’t need. Make smart design choices you will be able to live with and in, now and long after corona.  

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