Coronavirus refugees look for safe havens at overseas colleges

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COVID is creating student refugees looking for the safest bet for studying at college next year.

Compared to statistics around the world. Israel fared pretty well in managing the coronavirus outbreak. An early lockdown and restriction of global travel and early quarantine measures for those that returned seemed to dim the impact of the coronavirus, not yet subsiding in America. For young adults looking to broaden their career outlooks, travelling to COVID-safer countries is part of the new agenda, according to a press release by Hebrew University in Jerusalem, now experiencing an overwhelming interest in its overseas programs.

“Throughout the corona crisis, our international call center has lit up with numerous inquiries from potential students,” shared Oron Shagrir, from Hebrew University’s International Affairs unit.

With universities delaying or suspending the start of the upcoming 2020/2021 academic year, many students are beginning to consider pursuing their degrees overseas, especially in countries that have fared better during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year saw an 17% increase in the number of international students pursuing English-language academic programs at the Jerusalem university and a significant number of those 2,000 students are American, they report.

Recently, as Israel has begun to emerge from its COVID-19 restrictions, there has been an upsurge in interest from USA-based students looking to study at HU for the 2020/2021 academic year.

With more than 40 international graduate degree programs to choose from, Hebrew University has become an attractive academic destination for students seeking academic excellence and a unique student life experience.   In addition to HU’s Rothberg International School for gap year and bachelor degree programs, HU has recently expanded the number of MA and PhD degrees that are taught in English.

Students can now study Law, Business Administration, Medical Sciences, Social Work, International Development, Jewish Studies and Agriculture, among other offerings. Plus they will get to live in a fascinating multicultural city.

To meet the demand and answer queries regarding international graduate degrees and academic requirements, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will hold its first online Open House for International Students on Sunday, May 24th.

It will be interesting to see how other international universities answer to the challenge that COVID has brought us. And other questions remain about the ability to travel if COVID were to re-ignite, lockdown measures for students and the cost of international insurance.

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