How tech can help you make spring cleaning easy

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Robots can help us with ecological building, like 3D squirting recycled materials into new walls. Are there other ways tech can help us out? Maybe for spring cleaning?

Have you been spending the last few weeks on lockdown thinking ‘Wow! My house is messy!’? It might only be natural given 50% of Brits still see April as the perfect time to get the rubber gloves on and scrub the house with natural cleaners until it gleams.

If the thought of a deep clean fills you with dread, could there be a better way? Here we look at how technology has evolved to help you get your home in tip-top shape.

Vacuums that do the job for you

Fans of ‘Breaking Bad’ will remember the Roomba that would chug around Jesse Pinkman’s house. While that robot was fighting an uphill battle to keep the floors tidy, investing in a robot vacuum cleaner for your home could be a smart way to keep things clean. The device has sensors that mean it won’t bump into walls or furniture, with a vacuum underneath drawing up dust and dirt from the floor as it takes a tour of whatever room you choose for it.

Why not get the mopping done too?

From the same company that brought you the Roomba, why not take a look at the Braava to finish the job on your hard-floor surfaces? This robotic mop will cover the ground in your room, spraying the floor before passing over it with a microfibre cloth. It might look like a desktop printer, but it does so much more. Gleaming floors without lifting a finger – what’s not to love?!

Breathe the best air

If you struggle with dust allergies, have you considered investing in an air purifier? There are premium and more affordable options out there to suit all wallets, but consider your finances before making a purchase. Once you find one that suits, however, purifiers will extract dust, allergens and odours from the air with the added bonus that you’ll spend less time dusting.

Scrub no more

If you have an electric toothbrush, did you know something similar exists for your kitchen surfaces? The SonicScrubber gives you extra elbow grease for those tough-to-shift stains in the kitchen – from worktops to the hob to the terrifying inside of your oven. They’re cheaper than you might think, too, although you might need to invest in several changeable heads if cleaning your kitchen is a big job!

Do a professional job on your windows

If you’ve noticed that your windows are looking a little grimy and the window cleaner’s on lockdown, you can do the job yourself with a window vac. With steam breaking down the dirt on the glass and the vacuum sucking it away, you’ll be left with sparkling clear windows in no time.

Whatever your situation, have a happy spring clean!

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