Matters of Genealogy: How DNA Testing Can Benefit You

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Depending on your interest in the subject of genetics, you are likely to be aware of just how simple it can be to have your DNA samples mailed out, and for your chosen company to test and provide you with all sorts of details. It can be mind-boggling to think of how simple it is nowadays to work with DNA testing, especially when it was next to impossible to use commercially just a few decades ago.

That said, not too many people are aware of just how beneficial such a simple process can be. After all, your DNA is your genetic code – and there is a lot of information to be garnered from such code. Here are just a few ways in which DNA testing can benefit you.

Tracing the family lineage

Perhaps one of the most popular ways to utilize DNA testing comes from the mapping of a family tree using your DNA. There are plenty of companies nowadays capable of getting the job done, and some of the very best DNA testing kits are used to help figure out your ancestry. The best part is that it is quite an easy task to accomplish. Typically, the company will send you everything you need, which means all you have to do is register, use the kit, and mail back the results.

With a bit of effort and patience, you will be rewarded with knowledge of your family line. Considering how easily a family line can spread, you are likely to learn facts about yourself you might never have known!

Predicting potential outcomes

Without the use of DNA testing, some people would never know that they had an underlying condition that typically surfaces later on in life. A lot of lives have been saved through the use of the best DNA test for health, and it can also be used to help figure out whether parents are carriers of specific genes.

While it might not seem like such a big deal, having positive results of being a carrier for specific conditions might just push a family to adopt instead of risking a natural birth. A lot of potential heartache can be avoided thanks to the use of DNA testing.

The world of forensics

The use of genetic fingerprinting began in 1986 when Dr. Jeffreys made use of DNA testing to help solve multiple cases of rape. There is no denying that without the help of DNA testing, the world of forensics would be set back by an untold amount. Thanks to the advancement of genetic fingerprinting, it is now much more challenging for perpetrators to get away with heinous crimes.

While DNA testing might not necessarily be an essential part of life, there is no denying that it has helped scientists immensely in figuring out what makes us tick. Whether it has to do with tracing the family lineage or the use of forensics, genetic fingerprinting will continue to be a vital and legitimate field of study.

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