The benefits of opening a business in Dubai

Dubai 3d printed solar panels

Always on the edge of innovation. Dubai is an interesting place to start a green business for entry to the global stage.

The large number of foreign investors registered in Dubai shows that this destination offers numerous business benefits and the possibility of developing economic activities at a fast pace. In the recent years, the UAE has become a hotspot for anyone willing to establish his/her business presence in most of the sectors of interest without harsh conditions and with the opportunity of making money quite rapidly. The tax regime and the complete control in the company are important benefits to consider at the time you plan to open a business in Dubai.

Dubai atlantis built city

Dubai builds its own Atlantis!

The taxation regime is appealing

Without any doubt, the tax structure in the UAE is on the list of investors wanting to take advantage of a solid and attractive business destination. The good news is that there is no corporate tax and no dividend tax, allowing international entrepreneurs to spend these amounts in other directions. Moreover, if you plan a business in the retail sector in Dubai’s free trade zones, you can benefit from zero taxation, meaning that there are no tax duties and related fees. Even if the VAT of 5% has been introduced since January 2018, this isn’t an impediment for foreign investors because there are VAT exemptions in many sectors. Furthermore, besides the fact that there are tax benefits in Dubai, the startup costs and the annual maintenance expenses are quite low compared to other cities in the UAE

An easy registration procedure

If you are the type of investor who doesn’t want to wait too much for the incorporation procedures and related aspects, it is good to know that the company registration in Dubai is quite simple. Entrepreneurs from abroad can choose the easy registration steps in the business field, meaning that anyone can start a business within a few days without considering any registration complications. If you want to start a car rental business in Dubai for example, there is no need to consider complicated incorporation steps, especially if you plan to open such a company in the free trade zones of the city. The same thing is available for those investors wanting to open a dental clinic in Dubai and perform cosmetic dentistry procedures in a sector that continues to thrive.

The economy in Dubai is a business plus

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The economy in Dubai is quite diversified meaning that the business opportunities are huge in most of the sectors. IT, research and development, tourism, the oil industry, and the real estate sector are only a few of the areas in which businesses are successful in Dubai.

Businesses sustained by a solid infrastructure

No matter the type of business you want to set up in Dubai, such as car rental, insurance or travel, you should know that the infrastructure is excellently developed. Dubai has all the transportation ways incredibly well-developed: by air, by sea and by road. It is a known fact that the UAE has one of the most developed infrastructures in the world and this is no exaggerated statement.

As a short conclusion, the benefits of starting a business in Dubai are huge, whether as a local entrepreneur or from overseas. The only thing left to do is to choose wisely the sector in which you are interested in generating profits.

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