Sustainable Travel in Utah

Utah with its towering mountains, deep canyons, and enchanting valleys is completely stunning. The geological wonder continues to lure tourists from all across the country and world. International tourist arrivals are still growing at a higher rate with many more people exploring new destinations and countries. With endless year-round outdoor activities and recreation facilities, it is no wonder to see the state list among the top destinations among the holidaymakers looking for special experience. There is a growing demand for vacation rentals in Utah, and it points to the increasing popularity of the state.

We have often heard the word sustainability and the concept of going green. The concept of sustainable tourism is based on the ecological, economic and social pillars. Sustainability in tourism evaluates how tourism and touristic activities can benefit local communities, protect the environment and preserve their cultures.

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism

With a steady rise in the number of tourists and travelers globetrotting across the world, it is no surprise to see a growing strain on the natural resources of the popular destinations. With millions of people landing in tourist hot spots, it is no wonder to see the damage caused due to overcrowding and swarming holidaymakers. Besides, there is a strain on local infrastructure and nature too. Unless and until nature gets back what we take from it, the environmental issues are going to mount. This is where sustainable tourism and responsible traveling comes in. Essential questions need to be asked regarding environmental and sustainable practices.

Ecotourism is fast becoming the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. 2018 Environmental Performance Index shows that the most sustainable nations in the world when it comes to ecotourism include Denmark, France, and Switzerland. There are concerns about global warming, and air travel is one of the significant contributors to greenhouse gases. Utah allows you to create memorable encounters with nature and experience nature in all its glory. However, with that comes to responsibility too and to act as a responsible vacationer and avoid leaving any environmental footprints. For those planning to travel to Utah can help save the environment and prevent global warming by holidaymaker. As a ‘green’ tourist, lead by example and use embrace environmentally-friendly products and policies.

How to travel greener in Utah

The growing awareness of sustainable travel and tourism is good for the environment. When one travels in a responsible manner, they benefit the local economies and tourist spots.

  • Interact with the local people and respect their culture and way of living. When you care for the locals, you treat the nature around with respect and get closer to their culture
  • Look for green shops and services for your needs whether it is food or shopping or buying any other services.
  • Staying at green-rated hotels and vacation rentals is highly recommended to safeguard the environmental requirements. Book your room at environmentally friendly hotels in Utah.
  • Make use of disposable dishware and recycled paper products during your vacation. Say no to plastic and use only reusable or recyclable goods.
  • You can carpool and share your bike on your vacation to reduce your carbon print on the environment.
  • Wherever and whenever possible, take the train and avoid the plane. Walk whenever you can and add to your health as well as the environment/
  • If you want to donate, give to the reputable local organizations and charities. Give money or goods that can be used in local welfare programs.
  • Pack light and try not to overload the planes or yourself. No one really cares how you look during your vacation as long as you are decently attired and look presentable.
  • Support the local economy and shop for local crafts and souvenirs. It is always cheaper and better to add to the local economy that leads to much positive impact.
  • Go for non-stop flights whenever you can as most of an airplane’s carbon emissions get created during takeoffs and landings.
  • Use eco-friendly, hybrid and electric vehicles to consume less fuel and emit less carbon emissions.
  • Stay in greener hotels that promote sustainability initiatives and use solar power, energy-efficient lighting, wind turbines, low-flow toilets, and rainwater harvesting.
  • Conserve water and limit energy. Avoid the long steamy showers to save both energy and water and switch of the lights.

Benefits of sustainable tourism

Well, people would still travel, only they need to change their ways of traveling and holiday responsibly. The only solution lies in sustainable and responsible travel and protects the local culture and nature, no matter where one goes. One should keep in mind the future generations too and ensure that those touristic hot spots remain as attractive and alluring. Decrease your carbon footprint whenever you travel by being a responsible traveler. Here are seem of the significant advantages of going green as a traveler.

  • Any negative environmental and social impact is minimized.
  • The local people enjoy more significant economic benefits, and there are better associations made between the locals and the travelers.
  • The working conditions and well-being of host communities enjoy significance improvements.
  • Getting involved with local people not only affect their lives and chances, but one becomes a wiser traveler in the process.
  • Meaningful connections with local people mean a greater understanding and more enjoyable experiences.
  • There are positive contributions made towards the natural and cultural heritage, and the world’s diversity is conserved and maintained.
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