Dating goes curvaceous. Meet big, beautiful people on WooPlus

Look to the Middle East and we see glorious options for courtship. The original “Tinder” for the region started with JDate and then a pile of religion specific sites started cropping up for Jews, Muslims and Christians or unaffiliated. There is even a new online dating website run out of the super conservative Gaza Strip to help women and men find marriage. We’ve reported on dating sites for vegans, and treehuggers, which can help you whittle down your options to your right style and ethic.

Thankfully, the Middle East body type, usually curvaceous and medium to larger builds with bosom and bottoms, is embraced by both men and the women that own these bodies. But what happens to the fuller plus-sized women and men who want to find love and the right attention? Tired of swiping past skinny people till you find a body type that will match yours? Or seeking out cuddly bears bods and bosomy babes? A new Tinder dating site for full women and men who like full women, has just launched. It’s called WooPlus and it’s all about curvy power as sexy, sensual and strong.

Since the 90s we’ve been confronted by the waif-like models you want to feed, and the androgynous male type, slender like a boy. This has pervaded our society as the ideal. While it’s mindful and healthy to stay fit and within your body range and BMI, you can’t fight genetics and you shouldn’t.

In fact if you look to cultures of ancient Mesopotamia for instance, the women with the large hips and legs were most desirable, because this extra padding and size was a clear sign of healthy child-bearing status. Middle Eastern women in particular tend to be fuller in all directions.

While we don’t suggest you go and bulk up to join a dating website, WooPlus is definitely comforting and a safe place for people who don’t fit the media’s image of how you should look. We should all find love, and let’s face, even the skinny people start to gain weight once they find love and marriage because being fuller means you are willing and ready to take space in this world and to go with your instincts, not suppress them. Gaining weight can also mean comfort and happiness. Again, eating healthy plant-based foods is the best way to stay healthy, and this is always something we will advocate.

Follow WooPlus on the Internet in many ways. In fact they are having an event called #CurvyPower to celebrate the freedom from body stereotypes. To find the girls and your guys with the shapes in the right places, visit WooPlus’s ongoing discussion with #curvypower on Instagram, or install the WooPlus app through the App Store or Google Play.

Want to woo with the pluses? Find the app on the App Store and Google Play

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