3 tips to choosing a smarter smart phone

The best is to buy second hand of course, but if you plan to buy a smartphone in the near future, it’s a purchase you’re always going to keep with you, hopefully for a long time. It’s a great investment because it allows you to access your favorite social media sites like Twitter and Facebook while on the go, you can read your email messages from anywhere, you can use it to take photos, play your favorite video games, or even binge on “green” Netflix TV shows and movies from wherever you are. We don’t need to tell you why you need one. 

Buying the right smartphone is incredibly important. If you pick the wrong option, you’ll have spent hundreds of dollars on a piece of technological equipment that doesn’t meet your needs. So to get it right, please use the tips we’re about to share with you to make it easy to choose the best smartphone to meet your needs.

1. Which Operating System Should You Choose?

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Some people swear up and down that iOS from Apple is the best operating system on the planet. Others will tell you that android takes the cake. It really comes down to your specific needs, the amount of money you’re willing to spend, and other considerations when choosing an operating system.

We highly recommend choosing an Android phone if affordability is your main criteria. Buying a brand-new iPhone is expensive and can literally cost you anywhere from $500-$800 whenever they release a new iteration. Android phones are much cheaper, and you can get a high quality option for as little as $99, although you’ll probably end up spending more like most people.

You should consider getting an iPhone if you absolutely love Apple products, want access to the hottest applications, and desire a phone that’s relatively easy to use. Now we’re not trying to tell you Android phones are difficult to understand, but Apple has done a good job of putting together a phone that’s simple to operate.

2. Do Not Overpay for Your Phone Just to Get the Latest Model

Some people feel the need to immediately run out and pay top dollar for the latest model phone of their choosing. Or some people feel they have to buy the biggest screen, or the phone with the most memory, or the phone with the best camera. It’s certainly nice to have these options, but you do not necessarily need to spend top dollar just to have the biggest and best bells and whistles.

Remember, your phone is going to be outdated in no time at all. They’ll be a newer, hotter camera in about a year from now. They’ll be phones with much greater memory capacity, better battery capacity, and a newer, slicker operating system. So there’s no point spending a small fortune on a phone that’s going to be outdated in a little while anyway. Always keep that in mind if money is a factor when choosing a smartphone to meet your needs.

3. Give Yourself Enough Storage Space but Don’t Necessarily Go Overboard

The more storage space available on your phone, the more your phone is going to cost. If you’re the kind of person that watches lots of videos on your phone on a daily basis, you’re going to need lots of storage space. But if this isn’t something you do or even care about, then why pay extra for the additional storage you’ll never use?

We feel 32GB is plenty of storage space to take pictures, save music files, and even record the occasional video. And if you buy a phone with expandable memory in the form of a microSD card slot, you could upgrade your storage capacity at any time.

According to Cellistan.com, a website offering the best mobile price in Pakistan, always choose a phone with enough storage space but try to avoid paying for extra.

4. Do Not Overpay for Your Phone Just to Get the Latest Model
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Please use these three tips to choose the perfect smartphone to meet your needs.


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