Tel Aviv is “Fertile Ground” for modern art and Bauhaus architecture

Ido Shemi - עידו שמיLooking for a novel way to celebrate Purim in Tel Aviv next weekend? Wander over to 26 Gordon Street for a pop-up art show wrapped inside architecture that’s worth a visit on its own. Radical renovations are planned for a 1930’s building that will transform the Bauhaus beauty into the city’s first “green” retrofit of a protected structure. Before construction begins, the building will host a contemporary art and fashion exhibit using the same name as the architectural project, “Fertile Ground”.

Invitation-designed-by-Unga-from-Broken-Fingaz-Crew-נא-להוסיף-קרדיט-להזמנה.jpgThe show, produced by Yaara Sharon and Sarah Peguine, opens Thursday, March 5th (Purim Eve) and runs until Saturday, March 28th.

It features original artworks including paintings, prints, illustrations, and photography by 22 artists, alongside fashion accessories designed by about five of them, all for sale across a range of prices.

A series of lectures and cultural evenings are also planned.

Participating artists are Know Hope, BFC, Pilpeled, Foma, Dioz Ido Shemi, Work Hard Be Nice, Tom & Gal Melnick- Stolen Goods, Guma, GIDA 1 Geffen Refaeli, Noa Ginzburg, Dar Rotem, Itay Blaish, Tamar Moskovitz (GO-TAM) Naama Berkovich, Gal Cohen Orit Pnini, Meital Weinberg Adar, Yoni Passy, Fima Shlick, and Yassoo Tessel.

Green Prophet spoke with show producer, Sarah Peguine, who offered some insight into both the show and the building that is hosting it, and shared these images of some of the featured art.


GP: There is a section of Tel Aviv called the White City – an urban museum of sorts of Bauhaus architecture.  Is the event in or near that neighborhood? 

SP: Yes,  Gordon Street and its surroundings are rich with Bauhaus buildings.  There are a few different neighborhoods boasting this architecture, and this is definitely one of them.  This is also a vibrant cultural area.  We are surrounded by the Tel Aviv Art Museum, Givon Gallery, The Kibbutz Gallery, N&N Aman Gallery and Gordon Gallery.

Gal Cohen - גל כהן

GP: The building that’s hosting  the event is about to become a construction site. That’s an unusual venue for an art exhibition. 

SP: The building developers invited us to hold our temporary art exhibition there, in part to support young, emerging artists and also to promote their unusual and sustainable renovation project. Construction will start in a few weeks, until then they are hosting cultural events in what used to be commercial spaces. The whole idea is to make a fun event which promotes creativity and good vibes, while mirroring the same values that the renovation project is talking about.

Yoni Passy - יוני פזי

The renovation aligns with the preservation plan for Tel Aviv’s conservation area, which moderates and controls growth in the historic core area. The redesign addresses a growing need for buildings that cater to an ecological lifestyle/infrastructure in the present urban context. The developers are looking beyond the land’s real estate value, aiming to restore its original value as a source of life, a springboard for cultural development and growth.

The commercial sections of the building will continue to act as businesses. The rooftop and yard will feature gardens with edible and decorative plants. There is clear emphasis on sustainable design.

geffen Refaeli גפן רפאלי

GP: How did you select participating artists?

SP: We tried to select artists, both emerging and prominent, who we personally find interesting and who work across many different media and techniques.

Tamar Moshkovitz (Go-Tam) - תמר מושקוביץ'

GP: What is the significance of the title “Fertile Ground”?

SP: The title we chose for the show is the same used for the renovation project.

It’s relevant when talking about art – the idea is to offer fertile ground for creativity and artists to show their works.

This event is the first collaboration between Peguine and Sharon.

Peguine is an art and media advisor,  She is founder and editor of “Oh-So-Arty” and “Art Galleries In Tel Aviv”, digital platforms dedicated to Israeli contemporary art. She also runs bespoke art tours in Israel.

Sharon spent a decade abroad in London, and Paris and Beijing where she worked in theater, and as an official promoter of Israeli culture on behalf of the Israeli embassy in Beijing.

She now works with emerging Israeli artists, curating contemporary art exhibits in Israel.

If you can’t get to the Tel Aviv show, contact the organizers via their Facebook page (link here) and they will share images and pricing for those interested in purchasing.

Images of artwork courtesy of  Ido Shemi, Unga – Broken Fingaz Crew, GIDA 1, Gal Cohen, Yoni Passy, Geffen Refaeli, and Tamar Moskovitz (GO-TAM) 


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