Vegan Advocate Natalie Portman in Israel For Directorial Debut


Her vegan shoe line may have failed, but Israeli-American Natalie Portman keeps her fans inspired with her brand of animal rights activism, recycled couture and vegan lifestyle. The actress is now in Israel where she is polishing up her directorial skills for a film she is about to direct in Jerusalem.

The film is based on a novel by Amos Oz, the quintessential Israeli author who often sets his stories inside the old stones of Jerusalem. She will be directing the screenplay for A Tale of Love and Darkness, about to stat shooting in January in the new year.

Will Portman (and her new baby Aleph – the first Hebrew letter of the alphabet) find it hard to find a vegan craft truck? If you are reading Natalie: there is at least one vegan caterer in Israel. They hosted a wedding at my home here in Jaffa a few months ago. The dips and spreads were mysterious, and I didn’t like the texture of them, but the salads and rolled things were inspiring and moved away from the typical expected fare of baba ghanoush, burrekas, and Arab salad. Email me for details [email protected]

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