5 Free and Cheap Apps to Save the Planet

We’ve written a book on how to write to save the planet. Now for those of us who aren’t blogging or writing, but who are environmentally conscious, whether you simply want to save money on your monthly electric bill or want to figure out the best way to work or “green” your best friend’s wedding, chances are you’ll find some App to help you green your life. Here are 5 Apps I personally tested that can help make your life and the world a greener one and make your handheld engagement one that is for a good cause. They are either free or cheap.

1. CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator

This one is a very simple App that gives you the power to calculate how much money you can save by switching to CFL bulbs from energy intensive incandescent bulbs. The App provides you with the cost per Kilowatt hour (kw Hr) and it calculates the potential savings. The App also gives you the opportunity to put in the amount of hours per day you use them and the cost per bulb. This App to put it simply will make you see the value of using CFL bulbs. It’s a neat little App that goes a long way for the environment and your pocketbook/wallet.

Cost: $1.99

2. 3rdWhale’s FindGreen

Yelp for the environment is finally here with this little App. It’s the location-based go-to App that guides you to all the top environmental and sustainable resources in your area. The App holds 60,000 listings that includes everything from bike shops to yoga studios to organic restaurants. Definitely an App for the green/health-minded. It also provides you with the option to add new listings and rate current t ones. A nice touch is the “Green Tip of the Day”.

Cost: $4.99

3. A Real Tree

Purchase this App and help save the planet. This is a very cool idea. All it takes is a .99 cent purchase of this App for you or a friend and a tree will be planted in the real world. Trees will be planted in one of 12 countries currently fighting deforestation and where tree planting will be maximized. When you purchase a real tree for yourself or a friend, a virtual tree will be provided that you can share proudly on your Facebook page. Hopefully, it will inspire others to do the same.

Cost: .99

4. Amazon Kindle for iPhone

Sure. We know. The iPhone screen is a bit small to do any prolonged reading, but when you’re on the go and it’s all you have, you’ll Appreciate this App that allows you to view any book you purchased for Amazon’s Kindle on your iPhone. The App also syncs whatever page you left off on your kindle, so you can just pick up again. Think about all the demand for paper we cut when we use ebooks. With tools like these, it allows us to get to a greener world.

Cost: FREE

5. Clear Standards Carbon Tracker

This is another neat App that empowers you to reduce your carbon footprint. It utilizes the built-in GPS to track your movements and make suggestions. The only trick is that this App must be open the whole time so it can collect the data. It gives you the option of setting monthly goals for yourself and motivates you to stay the course when you open the App.

Cost: FREE

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