Floating With Spencer Tunick to Save the Dead Sea

A personal account of celebrating the Naked Sea event anniversary last Thursday night. In September of last year year Spencer Tunick came down to the Dead Sea and brought along with him throngs of reporters, environmentalists and 1500 people loaded on buses from around Israel who bared all in the hot sun in the name of […]


How Israel’s Tent Cities Influenced Occupy Wall Street

Inspired by the Arab Spring this past summer, Israelis from a rainbow of different ethnicities, political leanings and backgrounds banded together to form a protest movement unlike any in recent history. Their tent cities influenced the Occupy Movement in the world. As the Arab spring spawned protests by the disenchanted across the Middle East, Israelis […]


Bono Fixes the World the Jewish Way of Sukkot

Bono’s ONE organization advocates inviting hungry people into your sukkah this holiday time. Bono and Sukkot. These are two words that you have probably have never seen in the same article, let alone in the same sentence, but the U2 frontman is breaking ground by drawing connections between between important social causes and Jewish symbols. […]


Jews Judged for Water on Sukkot

As the Jewish holiday of Sukkot approaches, it is only natural for us to reflect on the state of the planet’s health and well being. After all, it is harvest season in the Holy Land and Sukkot is a holiday that for some raises the consciousness about our environment. Jews live in huts thatched with […]