Green Prophet On “Dubai Eye” Radio With Siobhan Leyden

siobhan-dubai-eyeThe voice behind the words: one of Green Prophet’s many contributors talked to Siobhan on her weekly Green Team show. LISTEN HERE

Today yours truly was on the Dubai Eye show, gushing about Green Prophet and the Middle East’s most pressing environmental concerns.

In the first half of the show (listen to me talking about Middle East green), Siobhan interviewed Robert Ferry of Studied Impact and the Land Art Generator Initiative, one of the region’s most innovative design houses that focuses on making power generation and distribution beautiful.

In the second half, I rattled on about how I became interested in Middle Eastern environmental issues, and how Green Prophet aspires to provide a community for eco-minded Middle Easterners while simultaneously drawing the international arena’s attention to projects in our region.

We identified water, energy, and fossil fuels as pressing concerns, as well as plastics, and then oooed and aaahed over Studied Impact and the Japanese technology that converts plastics back to oil. And then, Siobhan asked me to identify a buzzword for 2011. I chose “interconnectedness,” the realization of which was on my Christmas wish.

Dubai Eye broadcasts “The Green Team” environment show every Wednesday at 13h00 local time. The show’s host (whose Gaelic name is pronounced Shevaun) is a ten year veteran from Northern England who has her finger firmly positioned on Dubai’s hopping pulse. Tune in today’s Green Team show and stay tuned.


INTERVIEW WITH GREEN PROPHET PART II (click here and scroll down)

A few stories covered on the today’s Dubai Eye program:
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Abu Dhabi Builds Aquifer To Hide Desalinated Water
New Machine Converts Plastics Back To Oil

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