“Desert Cube” Greens Urinals by Eliminating Flushing

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New technology breaks down minerals in urine to keep urinals dry and clean.

Eliminating the use of clean water for flushing toilets is important everywhere, but especially in the water-parched Middle East. Ever wonder why urine needs so much water to flush it down? It’s liquid, after all. But ammonia and residue is smelly and the minerals in the urine build up on the urinal or toilet bowl. That’s why an Australian company distributing in Israel has invented the DesertCube and a novel way to eliminate up to 95% of the water needed for flushing urine.

desertcube desert cube urinalThe Desert Cube uses microbial technology to break down the solid components in urine. You add one to each urinal, then turn off the water supply to the urinals. This saves the two liters needed for each flush. At the end of the day, you turn the water back on and simply flush the urinal a couple of times, for a total of four daily liters of water for each urinal. That’s a huge savings of water, even for a company with only a few (male) employees.

The Desert Cube protects pipes and prevents stains and mineral buildup. Since the urinal stays dry,  dangerous bacteria don’t have a chance to spread.

The company also makes a spray using the same technology, for cleaning the outside of the urinal. Desert Cube’s products have been approved by the public health department, the Society for the Protection of the Environment, and the Standards Institution of Israel.

Let’s hope that Desert Cube will inspire creative designs for women’s urinals, and develop products for use in residential bathrooms too.

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Top photo credit: Mark Hillary

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