US Leaves Iraq With A Legacy Of Waste


$5 Billion couldn’t put their country back together; will Iraqis be able to pick up the pieces? What is more wasteful than war? Bomb a place, destroy its infrastructure so that ordinary citizens lack basic services, topple a few monuments important to the national identity targeted, kill several thousand people, including approximately 100,000 civilians according […]

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Art and Spirituality: The Antidote to Bigger, Better, More


Gentle artists and prophets inspired by nature offer a cure against environmental destruction This post takes its inspiration from two different stories. One by Mike Shanahan, an environmental journalist whose work we admire, and another published in Al MasryAlyoum. The first proposes that incorporating religious principles into our daily lives will heal our relationship with […]

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Intel Israel Is LEED’s Golden Child


Think of Israel and high tech, and the first word that pops into most minds is…Intel. Since setting up shop in the country in 1974, Intel Israel has been responsible for developing the Pentium and Centrino chips which power most PCs around the world. But in the future, if you put together Intel and Israel, […]

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Green Prophet Flies To “The Yemenite Blog For Sciences And The Environment”


A weekly Green Prophet series that looks at the Arabic “green” blogosphere and online communities After looking at “The Forum of the Ornithological Society of Kuwait,  the Saudi Green Blog, The Oman Eco Group Blogs, and the UAE Environment & Life Blog, we are continuing our journey through the Gulf countries, arriving now at the […]

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Yortanlı Dam To Flood Turkey’s Ancient City Alliaoni


Environmentalists are losing the battle to protect Alliaoni from drowning beneath the Yortanlı Dam’s floodwaters Despite certain fits and starts between secular and conservative residents, Turkey is moving and shaking, establishing itself as a firm democracy. Nor is the country short on natural and historical bounty. Recently, we described how Turkey is helping Syria revive […]

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Sign Up for Gulf Solar 2010


There is enough sun in the Gulf region to generate electricity equivalent to that powered by 1.5 million barrels of oil; will stakeholders make the switch? Do you have any plans  for the 23-24 of December? If not, perhaps you should consider booking a ticket to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to attend […]

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Oman’s “Noor Majan” To Build MidEast’s First Electric Car – With Massage Seats to Boot


April fool’s in Oman in August? The mystery Omani EV is purportedly going to run 2,250 miles on one charge. This may be just another Gulf State far-fetched innovation, like the white gold, biofuel-running Mercedes Benz in Abu Dhabi: Mr. Sultan bin Hamad al-Amri, CEO of Oman’s Noor Majan is promoting what will be the Middle […]

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Gone Seabass Fishing…In Egypt’s Desert


Digging for freshwater, Wadi Holdings found salt water instead; two years later, and  their Seabass farm in the desert is roaring Anyone with an untrained eye entering a desert environment would see a vast expanse of virtual nothingness: only the occasional sandstorm or a stray herd of camels sauntering by might break the blank horizon, […]

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When Abu Dhabi Art Meets Sand, Sun, and Sky


Glass art installation in Abu Dhabi generates inspiration and energy in one fell swoop Studied Impact in Abu Dhabi came to our attention when they publicized a power plant they designed that doubles as a residence. The firm comprises a dynamic couple, architect and artist, who merge their environmental concern with creativity in very interesting […]

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