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Help Sustainability Advisory Group hear the real deal about corporate responsibility and sustainability in the Middle East. [image via: Ben]

Environmental organizations are, of course, very important.  But often big change comes from the big companies who have big power.  Which is why it’s important not only to support green non-profits, but companies that are making environmentally-friendly strides as well.  In preparation for the 7th Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Summit taking place in Dubai from May 30th – June 3rd 2010, Sustainability Advisory Group is conducting its second annual survey on executive views on corporate responsibility and sustainability in the Middle East.

The survey, which is now open, is following the success of last year’s survey – which was the largest Corporate Social Responsibility analysis ever conducted in the Middle East.

Maria Sillanpaa, the Founding Director of Sustainability Advisory Group, said about this year’s survey that:

“We are – once again – excited about this survey. Last year’s exercise was a great success and provided interesting and valuable insights into how Middle Eastern executives perceive their corporate responsibilities and how related issues were being managed within their organisations. This year, we especially look forward to being able to see how attitudes might have changed and CSR programmes evolved over the period.”

The CSR Summit taking place in Dubai at the end of the month is expected to approach Corporate Social Responsibility from the perspective of generating financial growth.

It is expected to be attended by leaders from Volkswagen, IKEA, Deutsche Bank, DLA Piper and Vodafone Egypt, among others.  Environmental topics to be discussed at the conference include: carbon as a means of achieving positive environmental contributions, and sustainable retailing with focus on the supply chain.

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