Phone Home With Sunbeam Power Using Lebanon’s Alfa

beirut-cellphone-phone-alfa-lebanon-photoAlfa, Lebanon’s chief mobile phone service company, is now operating on solar energy to power its transmission network.

The company recently installed its fifth solar powered station in the Hourata Reserve, and the station’s new solar powered generator is expected to be in full power by next month.

Alfa, a state owned communications company, managed by Orascom Telercom, began making the decision to switch to solar energy even before the 2006 war in Lebanon, which severed damaged the country’s electricity grid.

The new power station is designed to provide energy even in the worst winter weather, when normal solar power stations would not be functioning.

Alfa’s executives said that the company is committed to using both solar and other forms of renewable energy, including wind power, due to their being environmentally friendly and not adding increased C02 and other greenhouse gasses.

Not only does the use of solar energy not add to greenhouse gases, it is completely noiseless and does not emit an vibrations during operation.

In addition to the Hourata reserve solar power station, the four others are in Ainata (in the Yammounah Bekah region), Hnaider (in the north), Tilal), and Kfatoum (also in the north).

Alfa’s relationship with Orascom is relatively new – since February, 2009.

Samer Salameh, Chairman and CEO of Alfa, said during the inauguration of the new station:

“As a corporate citizen, we are aware of our environmental responsibility. We are constantly seeking to invest in technologies that boost the activity of our company while taking into consideration the conservation of nature.”

Solar energy is being given more attention in Lebanon these days, as power black-outs continue frequently in the country, and that the country’s utility grid is still not completely repaired.

Many private solar energy projects are also being built in the country, especially in Beirut where a new environmental friendly student center was recently completed at the American University of Beirut with solar panels providing the electricity.

Lebanon’s example of using renewable energy for power is an excellent example to other countries in the region, including Israel, who still rely heavily on fossil fuels to supply the fuel for electric power generators.


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  1. Toufic Mourad says:

    Well It’s seems that The Clean Oil from renewable energy is invading the Lebanese market today as says that Lebanon Is one of richest countries in the Middle East in Green Energy Or Renewable Energy Lebanon have multiple energy ressources wich are very abudant in his nature from Wind Energy, to Sun Energy, to Hydrogene Energy From Water, Ending By The Biomass And Biogas Energy From Agriculture Wastes, By these ressources Lebanon Can Cover His Demand Of Power 100% in the future.

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