Kudos to the Government of Israel for Going Green!

One of the wonderful elements of the open market is that we actually do have the power to make changes.

You don’t like the way a store treats its customers? Tell your friends to complain. If that store is smart, it will change it’s ways. This can be applied to environmental products as well.

If a company is making a effort to be eco-friendly, buy there! If enough people follow suit their competitors will catch on, if they want to stay in the game.

The economic-social cabinet approved Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On’s plan on Tuesday for the government to give preference in its tenders and purchases to products that meet environmental standards.

The plan would encourage “clean-tech” and other environmental products. The move comes as Israel attempts to bring itself in line with OECD countries in a bid to join the organization. In 2002, the OECD suggested that countries move towards preferring environmentally-friendly products over other products.

We’re hoping that this sort of practice will continue and that companies will take a page out of our government’s book. It can take a lot for the ball to get rolling, but as it gathers steam eventually nothing will be able to stop the green machine from cleaning up our act.


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