Interview with MiKlum Studio, Designers of Furniture Out of Nothing

Singular upcycled wooden boxes called “Frank” combine to create larger design pieces. Tel Aviv has been fortunate enough to experience a recent influx of sustainable design studios, creating anything from rotary telephone desk lamps to wood veneer light fixtures.  These studios are slowly bringing upcycled and sustainable design to the mainstream, and two new girls […]


Upcycling wine glasses in Beirut

Chafic Abi Abdallah used to work in the hospitality industry, but grew weary of sitting in front of the computer for twelve hours a day. So he set out on a trip to Southeast Asia to clear his mind and dream up more hands-on and community-oriented job prospects. During his journey throughout India, Cambodia and […]


Ecoist Accessories Make Eco-Friendly Egoists Look Good

Ecoist: an individual that lives a modern, eco-minded lifestyle.  (Don’t forget chic.) When it comes to upcycling discarded products or industrial scraps, designers often turn to making fashion or home accessories.  They are fun to make, and allow people to feel creative and less wasteful in their accessory choices.  Here on Green Prophet we’ve already […]


Plastic Bag Shoes From Israel at Milan Design Week

Galit Begas’ plastic bag shoes Well known for its innovative and high level of forward-thinking in the arts and design, Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design can be proud of its creative students. Proud enough to show their designs off to the world, which is what they will be doing in April when they […]


ReMakes Figures Out What to Do with Billboard Waste

We’ve seen billboards turned into handbags, now they’re being upcycled into placemats.  Chew on that. The ubiquitous billboards that we routinely see during our everyday lives are made out of PVC, some pretty nasty stuff.  Due to the nature of billboards being hung outdoors and subjected to weather, they are made of out a fairly […]


Junktion’s upcycling sale for the holidays

A Clearance sale and the approaching High Holidays provide good excuses to check out Junktion Studio’s upcycled, recycled, unique designs. The Jewish High Holidays are coming up in just a couple of weeks, and for some of us this is a traditional time to exchange gifts. In Israel these gifts often come in the form […]


PopLove Designs Brings Upcycled Eco Chic Fashion to Tel Aviv (and the Whole Wide World)

We’ve heard about H&M’s imported influx of sustainable fashion, and now onto to local eco-friendly clothing design: PopLove Designs. A design label that produces men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and housewares, PopLove describes its mission as “creating fabulous products with minimal harm to the surrounding world.” Its founders, Andrea Hughes and Shai Wallach, both […]


Tel Aviv Port's "Pop-Up Design Store" Features Many Upcycling Designers

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MDxk0qAnu0[/youtube] Tel Aviv’s port (or “namal”) has in recent years become a trendy hot spot.  A little too trendy.  And often their trendiness does not go hand in hand with eco-friendliness.  But sometimes it does, like with their (too chic and elitist for some) farmer’s market and, this month, with their Pop-Up Design Store, Rafsoda. […]


KAPARA's Upcycled Gift Tags and a Green Prophet Giveaway!

You’ve selected your gift (which is hopefully local, handmade, and made out of sustainable materials), you’ve written a card (hopefully on recycled paper), but the presentation still needs that extra touch?  KAPARA (also known as Viktoria Slutsky), runs a cute little shop on Etsy that specializes in upcycled paper gift tags. When you are making […]