Get rolling with these play-inspiring compost orbs

Compost as you roll

Spherical E-Composter – Charcoal Black

The kids were lining up to take a crack at jumping on the big black ball. Looks like fun. While I thought it was some plastic refuse rescued from a building site, one of my son’s preschool teachers told me it’s something special and something one of the parent’s found on the street – it’s a compost recycling orb.

After preparing salad for breakfast and lunch, they unscrew the lid and dump in all the organic uncooked waste. Some days they add leaves and things, and throughout the day with the kids fighting over who will jump next on, over or on the orb, perfect compost is made.

The compost orb is a great teaching tool, plaything, and composter. I also like that it’s made from heavy plastic and has only tiny holes to the outside world. If you live in the city you will also have experience with rats and compost bins. The orb perfectly protects your compost in motion from the wrong type of critters (rats & mice) but when you open it you can feel the heat and see all sorts of slugs rolling around and enjoying the party.

The dark color adds to the heat, which helps break down food matter faster. In the center of the orb is an air induction tube which helps circulate oxygen into the center of the active pile. If you add only uncooked matter from plants there will be no smell.

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