Dubai Gets Its First “Green” Gas Station

Enoc collects fuel vapors and incorporates other green elements into Dubai residential filling station. Last September, Dubai ran short on gas, while other Gulf countries re-evaluated their long term energy plan as a result of looming peak oil. Now The National reports that Dubai has installed a “green” petrol station that not only captures and […]


Israeli Clean Air Act Goes into Effect

Passed in the summer of 2008, Israel’s Clean Air Act went into effect this month. As with its neighboring Middle Eastern countries, things can be slow moving in Israel sometimes.  Maybe its a regional thing.  But better later than never.  While it would have been great if Israel’s Clean Air Act went into effect back […]


Pick A Global Work Party In The Middle East: 10-10-10

Join hands with your fellows in the Middle East on 10-10-10 and drive down atmospheric carbon concentrations. There is no better way to subvert the status quo than to join hands with like-minded people on a similar carbon-reduction mission. Bill McKibben is the brains behind 350.org, an international non-profit organization that seeks to reduce atmospheric […]


Public Transportation Takes Flight In Dubai

Will more people in Dubai catch on to merits of metro-riding, ditch the car, and reduce their carbon footprint? We’ve already established that the Emiratis are not the most enthusiastic walkers; this can be attributed to the region’s crippling heat, as well as a simple cultural phenomenon. This has led to one of the world’s […]


Israel's Best and Brightest Debate Climate Policy

What will Israel do if the Nile Delta becomes submerged from climate change? Brainstorming at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop today at Ben-Gurion University. (Image courtesy of Ophir Shoham) In his opening remarks at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop at Ben-Gurion University today, Prof. Alon Tal, one of Israel’s most revered environmentalists, referred […]


Time to Hook Your Car Onto the Road Train?

Road train hauling works for truckers, mate. But will it work for cars in the Middle East? All aboard! A road transport concept known as road trains may be a partial solution to energy savings and pollution reduction on major motorways according to Greenbang. This concept, which is presently being used by long distance motor […]


Israel prepares to combat greenhouse gas emissions

(Image via go-green.com) Israel’s cabinet approved a joint proposal by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Finance on Sunday to formulate a national plan on greenhouse gas emissions, the Globes newspaper reported. An inter-ministerial committee will be formed to study a range of issues, including energy efficiency, green construction, and the ramifications […]


Join the Campaign to Get Facebook to Use 100% Renewable Energy

For the next week, your friends’ profile pictures might look a little different on Facebook.  A little greener.  Don’t worry, they’re not sick – they’re just concerned.  They’ve joined Greenpeace’s campaign to get Facebook to use 100% renewable energy and you should too. Starting tomorrow, Facebook protesters will be changing their profiles to icons such […]


Haifa Chemicals and Citi To Sell Carbon Credits

Haifa Bay is lovely, but it’s extremely polluted. Chemical giant there now producing carbon credits with Citi bank. What would induce a significantly environmentally polluting company like Israel’s Haifa Chemicals to make an agreement with an international banking institution like Citi to meet targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Haifa Chemicals has long been a […]


The Middle Eastern View of Copenhagen

Today opens the two-week round of climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark. From this corner of the world the conference is a meeting of giants – literally, the giant polluters like the U.S. and China, which make it seem like there is little the small countries of the Middle East can do to stop global […]


Are Israeli Emission Controls Hopeless?

Without any change in policy, Israel may be heading to double its current emissions by 2030. According to the Jerusalem Post, a study commissioned by Israel’s Minister of the Environment Gilad Erdan (left) and executed by the McKinsey consulting firm found that Israel’s problem is high population growth coupled with rising standards of living. The […]


Fridge Voyeurism in Tel Aviv

Are you an organic food addict? Or do you insist on eating food that grown locally, but pesticide-ridden, to spare food miles (or to serve an ideology?) As food production is a major source of greenhouse gas pollution (Read: Global Warming), eating locally, and consuming less meat is one way we can do our part. Following […]


Exploring Human Apathy In The Film 'The Age Of Stupid'

‘The Age of Stupid’ is an ambitious new Independent British green documentary. As a fellow filmmaker and activist, I salute director Franny Armstrong and her dynamic team for the passion and vision shown in creating this film, pulling together funding from diverse and various sources, creating the ‘Not Stupid’ brand and the big campaign that […]