What Happens When Hyenas Pee On Bedouins?

Because of an enduring myth, Bedouins in Jordan kill hyenas and owls; The Badia Center for Ecological Education is trying to educate locals and relieve pressure on wildlife. The desert area north of Amman, Jordan (the site of the King Hussein Park) which engulfs roughly 75% of the entire country, is under strain. In addition […]


Israel Camel Racing May Suffer for Lack of Humps

In Israel Bedouin still joke about the value of a woman “in the price of camels.” Now two Jewish Israelis have joined the tribe, and are looking to save the last of these Mohicans. Camel racing is still a very popular sport in many parts of the Middle East, despite its reputation involved in child […]


In Praise of the Middle East Squat Toilet in Sinai

The eastern squat toilet is the world’s perfect eco-toilet. Come and look inside. Some people think they’re primitive, but I love them. The hole-in-the-floor Middle East squat toilets can be found in Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt –– and likely in other Middle East countries I’ve yet to visit. They’re used in China too. Not […]


Bustan's Mud Huts With Plasma Screens

Israeli Bedouin go back to the green roots they’ve always had. Sometimes, when an irresistible force meets an immovable object – like when the government decides to go through with a development plan in a certain area, despite the objections of local residents – you get a “big bang.” But in Israel’s Negev desert, an […]


Meet Israel’s Green Bedouin Ahmed Amrani

The first thing visitors to the Bedouin town of Rahat notice is the litter. Household garbage lies strewn at the sides of treeless streets. When the wind picks up, plastic bags, newspapers and sacks billow across the surrounding desert wasteland. Discarded construction materials mar the landscape. “First you have to understand why they throw litter […]


BGU Makes Green Plan for Bedouin City of Rahat

As a geography Master’s student at Beer Sheva’s Ben-Gurion University, this semester I took a class in environmental law and policy with Alon Tal (we profiled him here). Our final project was to work on a green plan for Rahat, an Israeli Bedouin city that suffers from serious issues of garbage control, shade, green spaces […]


Live Like A Bedouin and Save Water at Chan HaShayarot

(A bird’s eye view of Chan HaShayarot) We’ve already learned about immersion Arabic in a solar Bedouin village in Israel. Here’s another eco-tourism stop: located in the Negev, just south of Sde Boker, the Chan HaShayarot provides guests with a true Bedouin experience including camel rides, Bedouin food, and the option of sleeping in a […]


Eco-Kibbutz Lotan Rolls Out Two Green Programs

Tucked deep into the Arava desert at the southeastern border of Israel, Kibbutz Lotan‘s Center for Creative Ecology has announced two programs for the late summer and fall, including detailed information for funding on its Web site. The first is the Peace, Justice and Environment course, which is run in conjunction with the Living Routes […]