Asbestos fire survival guide

An important business community in Bnei Brak (Ramat Gan) outside of Tel Aviv has been made toxic by an asbestos fire that broke out last Wednesday. The asbestos fire, which ended up smouldering for days, took place in a one-story building with an asbestos roof that was used to store tires, clothing and electric bicycles.


A museum for the History of Medicine in the Holy Land

The blue and white painted ceramic jars stretch up to the ceiling. Marked with the traditional symbol of five crosses, each jar held a medicine ranging from honey to myrrh to the famous Jerusalem balsan. The jars came from the first pharmacy in Jerusalem founded by a Franciscan month in the 17th century. “When the […]


Pomegranates and oranges take this cake! A recipe

Coming up on my fourth year of taste-testing my way through Jordan – where the seasonal foods of the Levant pack a triple punch of being delicious, healthy and affordable – I amp up the smart-eating quotient by always avoiding desserts, filling up on marvelous mezzes and entrees because regional sweets leave me flat.


3-D technology gives birth to lab-grown vaginas

Dubious developments allow us to print 3-D guns, grow “hamburgers” in a petri dish, and design environmentally responsive haute couture. Now a new application of technology radically transforms the human experience!  Four women have had new vaginas surgically implanted; organs fully lab-grown.  


Foraged wild greens and fatayer turnovers recipe

In the Galilee’s Arab, Jewish, and Druze communities, life has a rural rhythm, slower than in big towns. You  can tell that people like to stop and sniff the roses, as each garden displays roses and other lovingly tended fragrant bushes. And the old foodways are still alive in the Galilee, preserved by middle-aged housewives.


Is fruit juice shortening your life?

Ah…a cold glass of orange juice, first thing in the morning. Gives you energy, vitamin C and zest to start the day. Right? Is that glass of juice really good for you? Maybe. What’s for sure is that juice gives you lots and lots of sugar. To start with, the vitamin C content in orange […]