Better Place Sells 125 Renault ZEs to Huge Industrial Group in Israel


Despite a major upheaval in recent weeks, the electric vehicle company Better Place is pushing forward its business expansion plans with a $4 million deal recently signed with Elco Holdings Ltd. One of the largest industrial groups in Israel, Elco will purchase 125 Renault Florence ZEs that will be distributed to its subsidiaries Electra Ltd. and Electra […]

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Teaching Old Planes New Energy Efficiency Landing Tricks


A simple change in operations gives aviation an environmental win-win-win. Continuous Descent Arrival (CDA) is an aircraft operating technique in which arriving planes descend in a relatively straight line to the runway. In conventional descent, an aircraft drops in a stair-step manner, requesting control tower permission to descend to each new lower altitude, with portions of […]

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Rare Earth Metals Limits Clean Technology’s Future


If you think renewable energies will become an increasingly cheaper alternative to petrol – think again now that there’s peak minerals. As the world moves toward greater use of zero- carbon energy sources, the supply of certain key metals needed for such clean-energy technologies may dry up, inflating per unit costs and driving the renewable […]

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BioThink: Iranian Hybrid Vehicle Powered by Magnets and Sun


A hybrid energy source comprised of solar energy and magnets fuel this futuristic car. Fuel-guzzling, monochromatic sedans will be a thing of the past if Mohammad Ghezel can sell his latest concept. About the only aspect of the future we dare to think deeply about given climate change, population growth and shrinking natural resources, BioThink […]

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