How to improve your skin health In 7 Days

Whether you meet someone for the first or 100th time, you will want to leave a lasting impression. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure your skin is healthy and glowing. Since the first thing people see when they meet you is your face, it is crucial that it is blemish-free. […]


Sugar Wax – a DIY ancient beauty secret

Sugar wax, sugaring or Persian waxing, whatever you want to call it there is an old, tried and true way to wax, naturally. Many beauty regimens do more harm than good as many products contain harsh chemicals including toxins, hormone disruptors and even pesticides!  That’s why we have scouted out an ancient Arabic beauty regimen that does […]


Natural perfume maker

Ayala Moriel has captured and bottled natural Middle East smells and made them into natural perfumes. With captivating names, perfumer Ayala Mor from Canada has distilled the best scents of the Middle East and has turned them into bottles of perfume. From Israel, her scents are reminiscent of her roots: the Old City in Jerusalem, […]


Eco Your Moon Cycle

Just the way disposable diapers are a nightmare for our environment and children’s health, so are all those disposable sanitary products being aggressively marketed. Yes I know that for many, just as cloth diapers, the idea of cloth menstrual pads and moon cups are hard to swallow but really these days there are many converts, […]