New Rotating, Vertigo-Inducing Dubai Tower Back on Track


Dubai’s record-breaking skyline is the stuff of imagination bolstered by immense wealth, a powerful combination that mostly results in epic fail architecture. A new rotating skyscraper is in planning stage, an investment in gimmickry over game-changing sustainability, moving this city a step closer to its looming 22nd Century reality as the world’s best bad building […]

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King David’s Palace Discovered


The ruins of a fortified complex at Khirbet Qeiyafa, west of Jerusalem, are the remains of one of King David’s palaces, says  Dr. Yossi Garfinkel, archeologist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Working together with Saar Ganor of Israel’s Antiquities Authority, Garfinkel has worked to uncover the site for the past seven years. According to […]

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Lebanon’s Reconstructed Refugee Camp in Tripoli Up for Aga Khan Award


Why do we love “makeovers”?  What draws us to images of women dunked in hair dye and better lighting, or old furniture stylin’ after sanding and new hardware? The reconstruction of the Nahr el-Bared Refugee Camp in Tripoli, Lebanon is an architectural “before” and “after” with improvements far deeper than a slap-on of fresh paint.  […]

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