Lebanon’s Reconstructed Refugee Camp in Tripoli Up for Aga Khan Award


Why do we love “makeovers”?  What draws us to images of women dunked in hair dye and better lighting, or old furniture stylin’ after sanding and new hardware? The reconstruction of the Nahr el-Bared Refugee Camp in Tripoli, Lebanon is an architectural “before” and “after” with improvements far deeper than a slap-on of fresh paint.  […]

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“Dubai’s Skyscrapers are Cheap” and “Anonymous” says Architect Franky Gehry


Frank Gehry, considered one of the world’s most important architects, said in a recent Foreign Policy interview that its “cheap” skyscrapers makes Dubai look like any other “cruddy city in the world.” We’ve been dissing these skyscrapers for a while, based on their shoddy eco credentials, but it’s so satisfying to hear from one of […]

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