A Quick Guide On How To Clean A Dab Rig

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Cannabis oil is a natural medicine that can have a profound affect on mediating pain and anxiety. One of the latest ways of delivering the medicine is by “dabbing” which is basically vaporizing cannabis oil.

As dabbing becomes more popular for using medical cannabis, so does the dab rig. It’s a water pipe that vaporizes cannabis concentrates. Dab rig filters the condensed vapor through the base’s water. Dab rigs are commonly smaller than bongs, which results in less drag, allowing the vapor to reach the lungs more quickly and retain its potency.

Cleaning a dab rig may appear complicated, mainly if you are new to dabbing. If this is your first-time dabbing, you might be concerned about the cleaning process for your dab rig. If this is the case, worry not, here’s a guide on how to clean your dab rig properly.

How To Clean A Dab Rig With Alcohol

Here’s a step-by-step guide for cleaning dab rigs with an alcohol solution.

1. Make Your Salt-Alcohol Mixture

Fill halfway with sufficient isopropyl alcohol to fill your dab rig, typically 16oz or less will suffice. Then, add approximately 14 to 12 cups of salt to the solution and stir until the salt has dissolved. Leave a small amount to add grains that aid in cleaning the solution. If you need more tips, here’s a great site to visit online. 

2. Torch The Tip Of Your Nail

Dismantle your dab rig and clean each component individually. A simple method to clean a nail is to heat it with a torch until all residual carbon has been burned off. If there is only a small amount of buildup, torching a nail should suffice to remove it. Additionally, you can clean the surface of your nail with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.

3. Put Your Caps Or Bags On

Now that you’ve loaded your cleaning solution, it’s time to secure your dab rig. This is where resealable caps and plastic bags are advantageous. If you have resolution caps, simply place one in each of your rig’s openings. If you do not have them, no worries, just simply secure the opening with a rubber band and wrap a plastic bag tightly around it.

4. Agitate The Cleaning Solution

After everything is sealed and secured, agitate the solution inside the rig. It helps to initiate the process and dislodge any significant buildups of cannabis on your rig. This is exceptionally advantageous and will expedite the soaking process.

5. Allow It To Soak Before Rinsing

Allow your rig to soak in the cleaning solution for at least 30 to 60 minutes, preferably overnight. Thoroughly clean your rig with room temperature water. Water that is too cold or too hot can cause cracks in your glass. Allow plenty of time for thorough rinsing to remove all of the alcohol and resin. At times, soaking your rig a second time may be necessary to clean it thoroughly. If you cannot thoroughly rinse your rig with water, you can remove any remaining debris using pipe cleaners, paper towels, or Q-tips.

6. Dry Your Dab Rig

While you wait for the interior to dry, focus on the exterior with your microfiber cloth. Due to the importance of cleanliness, the exterior should be just as spotless as the interior. It ensures that your first session following the cleaning is a success. After cleaning the area to an acceptable level, dry any excess water. Allow for complete drying of your glass and rig before using them again.

How To Clean A Dab Rig Without Alcohol

If you prefer not to use alcohol to clean it, here’s an alternative solution to do it.

1. Vinegar And Sodium Bicarbonate

Using vinegar and baking soda is another extremely effective cleaning method. However, the smell will be unpleasant during the process because you’re still using vinegar. The time required for soaking is comparable to salt and vinegar. White vinegar and baking soda will not only clean your prized dab rig but will also eliminate lingering odors once it’s dried. Due to the acetic acid content of vinegar, you can be confident that undesirable odors will be eliminated.

2. Lemon Juice And Water

The acidity of lemon juice is well-known as a powerful cleaning agent. However, it is the least effective method of cleaning your rig on this list. It smells divine, but be prepared to soak your rig overnight and possibly twice more. If you’re not in a rush and lemon is readily available to you, you can opt for this method.

3. Vinegar And Salt

Similar to salt and alcohol, but with a less pleasant odor. Additionally, dislodging the buildup takes a little longer. However, it’s not too bad with a minimum soak time of two hours.


To ensure that you continue to receive high-quality doses for an extended period, it’s critical to learn how to clean your dab rig properly. Fortunately, the entire procedure is straightforward and requires only a few simple pieces of equipment and cleaning solutions. Use this guide to help you thoroughly clean your dab rig and enjoy a fresh rig experience every time. 

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