How Kynect Can Help You Give Back to Your Community

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The most successful and celebrated business people don’t just turn a profit – they found ways to pass their massive success on to others. You can see this at every level, whether you’re reading about Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ decision to leave the majority of his fortune to charity or discovering that the manager of your local grocery store is matching donations to help feed the needy each winter. No matter what you’re passionate about, there’s someone in the world who could use your help.

As a Kynect Associate, you have the power not just to sell energy, wireless, and protective services to people looking to save money and have a personal connection with their provider. You also have the unique ability to forge meaningful connections within your community, empower others, and simultaneously grow as an entrepreneur, friend, and human being. Here are just a few things you and your network can do to make your world a better place:

1. Organize a fundraiser

Through the Kynect Foundation, it’s easy to host a fundraiser to positively impact verified, proven partner organizations connected to one of the Kynect Foundation’s three pillars: veterans, first responders, and children with critical needs. By simply submitting a volunteer request form, you can work directly with Foundation staff members to easily put together a fundraiser.

Even if you’re too busy to make time to lead a dedicated event, or you have trouble getting your family or friends to commit time out of their schedules, you can still make a huge difference by hosting an online fundraiser. Simply show your support of the Foundation / partner organization across your social media accounts. It’s an easy way to make a big impact, and a great way to spread awareness for the causes you care about.

To get started, all you need to do is find a local organization, or ask the Kynect Foundation for help connecting with one, and fill out this form.

2. Host a volunteer day

If your schedule allows for you and other members of your community to spend an evening or a weekend helping out, it’s almost always hugely appreciated. Organizations that assist veterans, first responders, and children with critical needs are often as much in need of your time as they are your money, and by connecting through the Kynect Foundation, you can do good in your community.

Volunteer efforts can include helping medical providers in hospitals that are frequently understaffed and underfunded, answering phones, supporting other fundraisers, or simply spending time with kids who may otherwise not have a support network available to them. Again, by completing the form above, you can become a Kynect for Community advocate and get started – as well as receive all the support you might need from the Kynect Foundation along the way to make your event as successful as possible.

3. Simply make a donation

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been growing for years, you can always set aside a portion of your monthly income to give back. The Kynect Foundation makes it easy to give a tax-deductible donation to organizations and change lives for the better. You can either make a single or recurring monthly donation of an amount as low as $1 or as much as you can possibly spare, either for yourself or in honor or memory of someone you love, with all of your donation going to one of the Foundation’s “Three Pillars.”

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