How Amino Acid Supplements Can Enhance Your Fitness Regimen

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Starting a fitness routine is never easy, and you are going to hit many roadblocks along the way. In fact, it might be one of the most difficult journeys you’ll ever embark on, but it’s also very rewarding. Forget appearances and fitting into that expensive shirt or beautiful dress; feeling good in your own body and being healthy enough to do the things you want are the end goals. This is why exercising can and will always lead to an improved quality of life. Still, doing it on your own might be a bit complicated, and this is why it’s often helpful if you took supplements to aid your progress. 

Some of the best and most potent supplements you can take are amino acids; here’s how they can help you. 

Better recovery 

A fitness routine is incomplete without proper recovery, which is actually something plenty of athletes suffer from. Whether it is because of lack of sleep and proper rest or bad dieting habits, a lot of people feel extremely exhausted the next day after a workout, and muscle soreness is something they get used to living with. As the article by fitness gurus at shows, amino acids can help you there as they have been shown to inhibit muscle soreness and promote faster recovery. This will, in turn, make you more prepared and rested for another intense training on the following day, and so on, as long as you keep using them. 

Complete absorption by the body

You will find that there are plenty of supplements out there that contain some amino acids, but when you use branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements, you’re ensuring your body gets all the components it needs, which helps your body absorb all those acids that it needs for muscle growth and protein synthesis as we’ll explain further down the article. This is how you fully benefit from amino acid supplements. 

Boosting performance

Any person who works out knows that it is not always easy to get that extra rep or run that additional mile. BCAAs can help you do that, and they have been shown to boost performance, which is something any athlete needs. Studies done on people working out showed that they displayed improved performance during strength training after being on amino acids. This is definitely something that can make a huge difference for a lot of athletes that often feel like they can’t make it through an entire workout without feeling exhausted. 

Enhanced muscle growth

One of the most important benefits you could get from using amino acids is improved muscle growth. As mentioned earlier, there are different acids within the BCAAs group, and Leucine is one of those. It is responsible for boosting protein synthesis after you are done exercising. This gives your muscles exactly what they need to grow and perform better over the next workouts. This is why you’ll find that a lot of professional athletes are using amino acids, so they could get that muscle mass they want for competitions and to generally get the form they need. 

Faster fat burning 

Supplementing your body with amino acids has also been shown to help you burn fat at a much faster rate. Studies have shown that regular supplementation with amino acids along with intense strength training eventually led to decreased body fat, which is basically what your entire fitness routine is all about –– losing fat and getting in better shape. One study showed that using amino acids yielded much better results in comparison to other supplements like whey protein –– because of the first point mentioned in the article and how your body needs a full concentration of branched-chain amino acids. 

Less fatigue

This is another very important reason why a lot of athletes use amino acids as a supplement. They don’t just help you get more out of your workout, but also reduce mental fatigue and keep you in the right state of mind for the duration of a long strength training. The thing is, when your body’s natural amino acids drop during a workout, tryptophan is released in your body, and that is why you start feeling fatigued. BCAA supplements combat this process and help you stay focused and sharp. 

Better endurance 

While fatigue is about you feeling taxed and mentally unable to finish the workout, endurance pertains to your physical ability to do it. This might happen because you don’t have enough carbs or fat in your body –– the fuel you use to make it through the workout. Amino acids can help you with that as they completely alter how your body deals with its fuel sources. You’ll find that a lot of athletes suffer from glycogen depletion during high-intensity training, but studies showed that amino acid supplements could protect your body’s storage of glycogen during the workout, which gives you improved endurance and pushes you to finish workout out in excellent shape. 

Boosting growth hormone production 

Another function of amino acids is successfully promoting the secretion of the growth hormone Somatotropin (STH). This hormone helps your body burn fat and build muscles, and it is mostly produced during the night. The more growth hormone your body produces, the more you’ll burn fat. This is one of the most powerful ways amino acid supplements enhance fitness routines because they help your body burn fat and build muscles while you are asleep making absolutely no effort. 


The benefits of amino acid supplements are plenty, and your body truly takes advantage of those acids to get into better shape. There are even some amino acids like glutamine, which reduce fat storage in your body while providing you with the energy you need so you don’t feel fatigued from having less stored fat. At the end of the day you want to get into better shape, and those supplements can help you get there. But you should always consult experts on what the best products to use are instead of taking some yourself, which can be bad for you in some cases. 

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