The unique travel experiences in Naples

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You’d be surprised how much the Middle East has influenced Italy from Sicily to Naples “feel” Eastern culture in every breath at the sea 

Located in the Campania area of ​​southern Italy is the city of Naples, 2 hours away from Rome. Being a metropolitan area, it is an important transportation hub of southern Italy. The city itself sits on the northern edge of one of Europe’s most beautiful bay, the Gulf of Naples. Getting to Naples by plane is easy because it has an airport called Aeropuerto Cappadocino. The airport operates regular flights from Italy, Europe and parts of the world. Unique travel experiences in Naples you must review and take it as an experience of traveling next as much more safer and easier.

Number of train lines

Travel by train to and around Naples is well-traveled as it traverses a large number of train lines through the city. The train and bus station met Piazza Garibaldi at the eastern tip of Naples. If you want to travel to the nearby islands, a ferry will take you there for a minimal fee.

From Molo Beverillo in Naples, ferries can take you to the beautiful islands of Capri, Prosida, Asiachia as well as Sardinia.

Capri in Nepal

Capri is one of the notable islands you must visit. It is famous worldwide for its amazing wild beauty island, clear water, and amazingly cool weather. The island has luxurious hotels and retreats that attract tourists from all over the world.

The food they offer here is one of the best Mediterranean dishes you can imagine. You can visit Capri by launching a regular boat from Beverly Dock in Napoli.

Traffic problems

In order to enjoy the city of Naples, it is best that you drive around because there are occasional traffic problems in Naples. On the go you’ll enjoy more landscapes, especially the centuries-old monuments in the city. The monument you must see is a 15th-century Egyptian statue of Nile, located on the corner of Piazzetta Nello and the oldest Spire in San Jinaro, in San Niger.

While staying in the city you can choose from a variety of hotels and hostels. Choosing a hotel to stay in Naples can be difficult at first, so it’s best to plan ahead and research hotels online. Hostels are lower in rates than hotels.

At Hostels, you can rent a bed or a bunk bed in a variety of hostels. These hotels have a shared living room, kitchen and lounge. The rooms in the hostel are different from all men, all women or codes. Although private rooms are becoming more common, Eating in Naples is a wonderful experience. The city has many restaurants that offer a great variety of Mediterranean cuisine.


Some of these restaurants are well-known for dining as they specialize in pizza, wine and other, Joining a tour around Naples is also a way to explore the city. There are many tour operators in Naples and the fees vary. Whichever tour you choose, you will surely enjoy the many views overlooking the Amalfi Coast to Pompeii in the Nifles.

Naples adventure

If you go a little farther south to enjoy a lot of tourist travel, many of the ancient secrets in Italy are firmly rooted. One of these gems is the city of Naples, while it is a famous city, it is often missed travel in the country – but it really should not be! If you visit there you can enjoy the life and that experience will be long lasting for you, it is really mesmerizing and enjoying too much for you. There are lots of things in the Nepal you can do and nowhere any place having such qualities.

Naples is believed to be one of the oldest, permanently inhabited cities in the world. With being the largest historical center anywhere in Europe, you will have no problem finding a lot to do, see and eat. After a long stay in one of the arts and education centers in the country (and in Europe), you can spend many days exploring museums and galleries. When it comes to dining, you won’t be disappointed – Naples is the traditional pizza house! Pop into one of the many pizza shops and sample the famous Margarita – a city specialty.

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