How to design eco wedding card?

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Creating and sending out eco-friendly wedding cards is a great way to contribute to saving the planet as a couple. If your plan is to use eco-friendly stationery throughout your event and planning, there are many ways of achieving this. By the way, if you would prefer the responses and wedding wishes of friends and family to be eco-friendly as well, it would be as easy as fitting it all into your wedding prep. Below are several ways of staying green even while celebrating.

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Below are several ways of staying green even while celebrating.

  • Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations

For an environmentally friendly and sustainable option, you might want to consider recycled paper for your wedding invitations. From the moment you begin shopping for wedding invitations, you can be mindful of the type of paper you get. Quite a number of wedding invitation websites are tagged as eco-friendly businesses, and use recycled paper in the production of their invites.

You could take a step further by ensuring the printer uses earth-based inks like soy-based or vegetable oil, which are much better than the usual petroleum-based ones. However, as long as the company uses environmentally saving practices, this should not be a problem. A shop like Paper Snaps on Etsy, which personally oversees the making of their wedding invitations without outsourcing, might be open to special requests such as these.

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  • Alternative Fiber Papers

In making your eco-friendly, couture wedding invitations, you could also consider using papers of alternative fiber. Order invitations made from non-tree products like bamboo, hemp, coffee bean, and cotton fibers. There’s a lot of information available on these alternative fibers and how they can be a great contribution to your wedding and the environment. With these kinds of paper, you can order your invites online or even create them yourself at home; which could be fun if you’re on a tight budget and have ample time.

If you go the extra mile to buy flower seed paper or plantable tags, after the wedding your guests could plant the paper in their garden. When the flower or herb grow, your wedding and your love will be remembered for a long time to come.

  • Recycle Yourself

Have you considered making DIY invitations at home with recyclable material around the house? There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and other websites online on transforming these materials into special handmade invitations. Envelope-free invitations to be made from recycled ribbon, old paper doilies, and many other creative options abound.

  • Digital Invitations

Taking advantage of the internet age, you could consider completely paper-free invitations. Using Mail Chimp or any other newsletter creator out there you are more comfortable with, you can easily customize and send out your invitations and announcements. Mail Chimp, in particular, is free for making invitations, newsletters, and announcements as long as they are sent to less than 2,000 guests. Sounds nifty, right? Also, creating these fancy online invites isn’t as difficult as you might think. Mail Chimp has numerous templates, which you can tweak to your heart’s content and set to be sent out automatically on the date you choose.

There are quite a number of options available to the couple determined to use eco-friendly wedding cards. After deciding on perhaps one of the options above, the follow up afterward could be just as green and sustainable. You could post updates like reminders and follow up messages on a social media page or a wedding website with alerts to your guests. Creating such websites, landing pages or Facebook pages these days is quite easy and even a fun activity for a couple. The website could even be integrated online with the registry service for the wedding, to make everything flow seamlessly and be managed easily.

Another great follow up option is to include a website link or email address on your invitation which will allow your guests RSVP electronically and save paper. This will go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint and continue your environment saving practices. You could also spread the word further and encourage your guests to find and buy you eco-friendly gifts as well.

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