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The temperature of your home is often determined by the thermostat, but how is the air brought in so warm and so clean? The answer is furnace filters, tools used in furnaces to clean up incoming heated airflow. The process is simple enough and starts when the air is first pumped into your home by your air systems. This air is then warmed by the furnace until it is the appropriate temperature indicated by your thermostat. The heated air then travels through the air filters and to the blower fan where it is promptly distributed. The process is quick and simple but it also leaves the filters dirtier over time.

Furnace Filter

The furnace filters in a system are used to block out any allergens or pollutants that will try to enter your home through the furnace system. This means that the air from outside is cleaned up and does not pose a risk of bringing in particles that could make the air unsafe to breathe. The cleaning process is automatic as he filters continuously trap and absorb incoming airflow. However, since the process is continuous it also means that the filters in a furnace system are always becoming dirtier. The filters eventually become so dirty that they become a problem for your home as a whole.

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Dirty air filters create issues with a home that involve blocking the airflow being pumped in from going through into the blower fan. When this airflow is blocked, then the heated air becomes trapped and begins to build up over time. The resulting rise in temperature can reach a point where the system is capable of being damaged. Furnace filter repairs are often quite expensive and you are better off finding 20x20x1 air filters to replace them before the air flow becomes a problem for you.

Swapping Old Filters for the New

You will need to swap out the old filters for new ones as often as monthly depending on the environment around your home. Otherwise, the old air filters will only grow dirtier over time before they become completely covered in the captured particles. The resulting problems can be resolved by swapping out the old filters with the new in a simple switch that only takes a few minutes. The air filters you order to replace the old ones are usable upon arrival, so you can use them as soon as they come.

The air filters you order will need to match the air system you want to place them into. The furnace owners manual will tell you the size required, but you can also read the size off of the old filters cardboard edge. Once you know the correct size, all you need to do is order and swap when the new filters arrive to ensure clean air for your home.

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