The UAE is Leading the Pack in the Middle East When it Comes to the Drones Market

Drone technology is some of the most intriguing and sought-after technology out there. What was once reserved for military use has now become so affordable that people are snapping up their own personal units at breakneck speeds.

Drones are big in many countries around the world, with the Middle East being no exception. With that said there is one area that is standing out thanks to its advanced technology, and that’s Dubai. It seems as though Dubai is the place to beat when it comes to cutting-edge technology, the drone leader quality, and scope.

The most advanced drones at the moment in Dubai are not for military purposes at all, rather, they are meant for photographers and hobbyist who are looking to get a drone that performs like a high-tech piece of technology.

What’s Driving the Technology?

So, what’s the reason behind the advancements and high-tech gadgets in Dubai? Well, a lot of it can be explained by the implementation of regulation in Dubai regarding drones, as well as various programs such as “Drones for Good”. It’s really a multi-tiered approach that is helping drones to catch on with the public, with everyone demanding the best of the best.

There is also the fact that the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has been giving out hobbyist licenses, which has led to an increase in the number of people using them for fun.

Take a look at Sky Vision, which offers a Dubai drone like no other. Its high-tech microdrones are ideal for aerial work on film production and can cut down on the costs significantly. What this means is that the technology is not just for hobbyists; rather, it’s also spilling over into professional industries such as film and television production.

It Also Happens to Be Some of the Most Picturesque Landscape

It can also be said that another driving force behind this need for the latest and greatest in technology is the fact that Dubai features some of the most picturesque landscape in the world to catch on a drone.

From the ground, Dubai is stunning, but aerial images and videos take the landscape, both natural and manmade, to a whole other level of wonder. There’s no better way to capture the incredible winds of the UAE that are so talked about around the world. As well, Dubai’s city center is nothing short of awe-inspiring from an aerial standpoint.

Drone hobbyists can take in all that Dubai has to offer, and then travel just a few miles out of the city and enjoy a desert landscape instead. It makes for unique footage, to say the least.

Fighting to Stay at the Top

So while Dubai enjoys its title for offering the most advanced drone technology in the Middle East at the moment, there is no doubt that other countries are working their hardest to de-throne the UAE and take the title for themselves.


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