Energy-efficient hard lined cables vs. bluetooth connections

Bluetooth is everywhere from speakers in our car to our home and office environment. But everyone knows that Bluetooth is extremely energy intense and the quality can be blah. So today we will compare audio options between hard line cables and Bluetooth. This is a big debate in the audio-tech world. Hard lined cables versus Bluetooth connection. Which is better? Which is the future? It’s a pretty divided war in the audio world it seems, creating the classic clash between the old schooler’s and the tech junkies. But, by the end of this article, you just may find that there are great benefits to both of these wondrous forms of connection, and our world really wouldn’t be the same without either one!

The best way to end this war is to talk pros and cons. So, let’s begin.

Hard Lined Cables

The always dependable, ever so trustworthy choice, cables! You simply can’t go wrong when you get a good device with a quality cable like the Chord Mojo digital audio converter.. With the easy attachment of a simple cable to your smart phone, this device can amplify your iPhone’s audio beautifully. This is just one example of the amazing devices out in the world, that wouldn’t serve its function without a hard lined cable. Though some people dream of a wireless world, there will always be a need for hard lined cables because the benefits are too practical to hate on.


  • It’s no secret that hard-lined cables are the best option if reliability is your priority when it comes to tech gear. Unless you have a dog that loves to chew through cables, they last forever and if you take care of them or don’t lose them, won’t ever have to be replaced.
  • The biggest reason why people can’t seem to hop on the Bluetooth train is just because the sound quality that comes from cables is simply unmatchable. From a high-end cable, you can hear the purest and smoothest form of sound. Something that all audio-enthusiasts and engineers strive for.
  • Another great thing about cables is that most are versatile and universal! They are easy to lend and borrow, and even easier to set up. All you do is plug it in! With Bluetooth connection, there are all sorts of passwords and steps to follow in the set-up process. Nothing beats just plugging in and letting the magic happen.


  • An obvious con to the hard-lined cable life is the fact that cables are ugly and annoying to have around. If you are a clean freak or a minimalist, you probably despise cables and the chaos they create. It’s true, they don’t look as nice as wireless gear.
  • Another bad part about hard lined cables is the fact that you have limited range of motion for your device. This wouldn’t be an issue for stationary products, but for things like your laptop, speakers and phones – cables can get annoying really fast. Another annoying thing about cables is storing them. If you don’t store them neatly, you are setting yourself up for a stressful and frustrating untangling experience.
  • Hard Lined cables can lack functionality these days. As each year comes and goes, people are wanting things to not only be easy to use and reliable, but also being portable, minimal and good looking have become huge factors in the past few decades. For the old schoolers, minimalism and aesthetics aren’t entirely a priority on their check list for gadgets. Through this perspective, I can entirely understand why some people may prefer Bluetooth.


Let’s think of a world without Bluetooth connection for a moment. First of all, Beyonce would not have a career because let’s face it, she can’t pull off those dance moves without a wireless microphone. Maybe without creating Bluetooth connection to your phone inside your car, the number of texting-related car accidents would still be on the rise. Maybe, without Bluetooth connection, we would still be taking 5-10 minutes out of our day just to unravel the cables to our Xbox controllers. All jokes aside, Bluetooth has been super important to the advancements in our modern world and it is kind of hard to imagine a world without it now.


  • A great feature of Bluetooth is the wider range of motion that you can’t get with hard lined cables. If you have a Bluetooth speaker, you can bring your phone with you just about anywhere inside your house. Otherwise, it’s extremely annoying to have to keep your phone near the speaker at all times. Bluetooth headphones have also become extremely popular these past few years. Even the latest iPhones are not made with headphone jacks and rely on Bluetooth connection, unless you buy an adapter. This was a bold move in the audio world, but some people truly enjoy being able to listen to music without pesky cables in the way!
  • Without the development of Bluetooth connection, we wouldn’t have all of these amazing home appliances that have been designed the past few years. From Alexa, to refrigerators that tell the weather, to home security systems. Some people are suspicious of such inventions – but whether you are into it or not, it is hard not to appreciate these advancements.
  • As mentioned before, hands-free calling has certainty saved many lives behind the wheel. Though we all feel the need to scream into the car speaker so the person on the other side can hear us, it’s an invention that, along with all other Bluetooth devices, will only improve as time goes on.


  • The biggest drawback that humans face with Bluetooth connection is the fact that the connection itself can be very unstable. It can be hard to connect to and stay connected to. If you have good service or a stable WiFi connection, you have no problems. But, having good connection isn’t always easy. It is hard to rely on Bluetooth connection because there are so many factors that go into making it work properly. Your connection could give out at any time, which is something you really never had to worry about with hard lined cables.
  • Bluetooth also requires you to stay on top of charging all of your devices and keeping them charged. Even though it’s great to have a wireless speaker you can take with you camping or to the beach, you still have to find a way to plug it in and charge. Bluetooth is also known for sucking the life out of phone batteries, so it is something that will definitely need improvement in the future. If Bluetooth device battery life would last longer, I think it would be even more popular and efficient.
  • Most of all, Bluetooth does not provide the same sound quality as hard lined cables and iem headphones. This is a deal breaker for most every audio nerd in the book. But, I do think that in our future – the sound quality for Bluetooth will drastically improve!

    Speakers in a mosque

At the end of the day, what it all comes down to is what type of person you are. If you are an old school, music enthusiast who finds joy in the purest form of sound – then you probably don’t want to mess around with Bluetooth and all of its chaos. If you are a future-forward, tech junkie – you are probably attracted to the wireless appeal and prefer that over sound quality. You can’t really go wrong either way in the end, which is the beauty of living in such modern times that we live in – you have endless options and choices and you don’t have to be one certain way. Bluetooth and hard lined cables have both become so important in our world today, and will keep improving as time moves on!

What is your preference? Are you a fan of the clarity and range of sound that is provided by analog audio cables, or do you prefer the portability and small footprint of a bluetooth device? Leave a comment with your thoughts in the section below.




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