4 Ways To Go Green

Currently, being ecologically savvy is growing in importance. How to go green can still be a mystery to some people. Changing our habits isn’t always the easiest and getting started can be the hardest part. Starting simple and incorporating one technique at a time is an easy way to get started and feel empowered to keep going. Look through our suggestions and pick the one that seems to be the simplest change to your everyday life.

Review The Cellphone Situation

Many people don’t factor their cellphone into the ecological concerns and yet they are a concern. People average changing their phone approximately one to two years. A new phone every one or two years creates a lot of phone trash. There are recycling options in most cities that send the phones to programs that benefit the underprivileged citizens and victims of domestic violence. Why people change their phones so frequently are due to a wide variety of reasons. Breaking the phone is the #1 reason and we should take action to protect our phone investments.

Cases, such as the iPhone X cases, are the first step to take when protecting the phone from damage. Secondly, being more mindful of where our phone is. If you drop your phone into a toilet often you can save it by not taking the phone into a restroom. Lastly, you can always opt to work with a green cellular company. While the phone itself won’t quite be ecologically sound, there are other things these companies do. They get involved with finding ways to lower their carbon footprint, donate to a variety of programs to help our lands, and find innovative ways to recycle old phones into something ecologically friendly.

Change Your Driving Habits

Changing your driving habits is very important to lessen our effect on the Earth. Not only do we need to use precious oil and fuel to use our cars, we contribute to the unhealthy air every time we take a drive. You can look to riding a bike to work or to a church service, rather than driving. Not only will you cut down your costs, you can also get in a bit of exercise on your commute. If biking is not an option for you, then we suggest looking to mass transit in your area. The bus or subway system can be far better on your budget and your health. Since not all of us live in cities with buses, the next option would be to carpool to work. Fewer cars and splitting of fuel expense can save you money, time, and lessens the contribution to the air. Additionally, it’s a great way to get to know some people that you may not be that close to.

Minimize Your Electric Use

Electricity is the one thing we don’t think about and yet we have to pay for it. Lessening your electricity use will save you on your power bill and lessen your carbon footprint. You can start with ensuring that lights are turned off when you are not in the room. You can also stop overuse by always shutting your laptop or PC down each night. In the summer, grill your dinner over charcoal rather than cooking on your stove. You reduce the electricity used and lower the odds of overheating your home and increasing the need for the air condition to turn on.

Switch Your Batteries

It’s easy to get caught in the habit of buying batteries every few months. Rather than contributing to a trash pile, buy rechargeable batteries instead! Yes, they do cost more. In the long run, you will save plenty of money by not constantly buying new batteries. If you don’t want to make that switch, please look for ways to recycle the old batteries (of all kinds) so that they aren’t hitting the landfill.

Are you going to kick things off with learning more about green cell phone companies or would you rather start recycling batteries? As we head into spring, you may want to give a lot of thought to taking the bus or starting a carpool with coworkers. Just pick one and build on it.

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