The best advice you could ever get about swamp cooler installation

You can even get a swamp cooler for your car, like this one.

When you choose to use a swamp cooler could help to optimize your environment, you need to learn how to install the cooler well and its maintenance practices that will keep it efficient longer. Most of the units work best when in low humidity, so if you are wondering how you can get the best out of your swamp cooler here are some ideas you might need to consider.

Adjust Air Flow

You need to make a few adjustments for your swamp cooler to function seamlessly. The first thing you should focus on is the air flow. Proper air balance is required to ensure the cooler functions optimally, so one of the things you could do is limit humidity. This can be achieved easily by adjusting the flow of air to ensure the amount coming in is equal to that leaving the system.

Install ducts in your rooms or remember to open windows when you turn the cooler on. Opening the window is enough to allow the flow of air and this creates pressure in the room. With these settings you will achieve optimal results for your swamp cooler installation.

Unit Size

The size of evaporative cooler you choose also determines the effect you achieve while in use. This can be decided based in the cubic feet of air you expect to pump each minute. Refer to the owner’s manual for the number. You can use a simple formula for this that includes multiplying the footage of your home with the ceiling height (feet). Then divide this value by two to get air changes per minute. You need to read more about swamp cooler installation to ensure you get everything right as different homes have different requirements.

Maintenance Guidelines

After installation, how well you are able to maintain the cooler will determine the quality of service you will get. You should at least have it maintained twice a year, before the cooling season begins and around mid summer. Doing maintenance regularly will boost the efficiency and life of the equipment.

There are many things to look at while performing maintenance on the cooler including checking water level and cooler pads. You should also ensure the motor bolts are adjusted to ensure the right belt tension. Most importantly, the electrical system should be investigated to ensure proper connections.

How to Improve Efficiency

There are few areas you could modify to enhance efficiency of your cooler. These include checking the thermostats, which you can get at any hardware store. To replace it turn the cooler off. There are also coolers that don’t have thermostats, but these come with a separate switch that works with the fan pump. If you have a cooler that does not come with a thermostat, give it some time to run before you switch on the fan, and the reason is to ensure the cooler pads are saturated.

Besides doing the correct installation for your swamp cooler, you need to also understand important maintenance practices that will enhance the efficiency of the equipment. The guidelines shared above are a perfect solution that will keep the cooler working optimally longer.


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