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Real estate in UAE is of great interest to many people world over not only because of excellent living conditions, but mainly due to excellent conditions for conducting many types of business. First of all, it concerns, of course, absence of taxes and related benefits. There is a number of other positive factors for entrepreneurs created by the state – in particular, the absence of trade quotas and barriers, as well as currency control, excellent logistics with the whole world – ensure the country’s attractiveness to international business. All these factors are big appeal to investors, and main reason why residential estate market is growing here at exponential rate. Buying apartments here is easy, because state is interested in your investment.

Today, Emirates have free economic zones for development of IT-technologies, outsourcing intellectual services, biomedical industries, the securities market of domestic and foreign enterprises is functioning. UAE provides the best conditions for doing business in Middle East, and by the level of infrastructure development it is on the 8th place on the planet. Of course, all this is a powerful positive factor for an economically active person, striving for maximum self-realization and looking for apartment for sale here.

Want to stay in a friendlier way in the UAE? Acquisition of UAE residential real estate for sale in the UAE gives its owner the right to obtain a residence permit, which is issued for a two-year term not only to the owner himself, but also to his family members – official spouse and minor children. After expiration of residence permit, it can be extended without any problems. The procedure for obtaining and extending a residence permit usually does not last longer than two weeks. Isn’t it convincing enough to buy in the UAE?

We work for your benefit – only best apartments for sale in UAE from YzerProperty

YzerProperty will help you buy any property, as well as conduct other transactions connected with UAE estate. Rent, lease or buy – we will help you to solve any problem, because we are a team of professionals. YzerProperty works with real estate clients solely for their benefit – you can find some really cheap prices on this page! We will help you to invest in objects we are personally confident in as we propose you listings for sale in UAE only from reliable developers and agencies. You won’t need to puzzle over what documents you should prepare, where to go, or how to secure your deal and don’t lose it. YzerProperty will do everything for you.

Many people are faced with the need to obtain an apartment here. To do this, it is enough to get acquainted with offers presented on this page, where you can pick up and buy most suitable apartments for sale. Each property is described in details by our professionals plus every listing description includes characteristics of district, where your chosen accommodation is located. YzerProperty takes over all issues related to legal registration, therefore, you absolutely don’t need to worry about how to purchase flat for sale in UAE, and entrust this to us. Our site also presents photos made by our partners representatives, which reflect present condition of accommodation you are interested in.

Our main rule is safety of your funds. We protect our clients from any pitfalls. Buying luxury property in ameerates with us becomes easy and simple.

Advantages of buying UAE realty and other specific details

If you are interested in lucrative investments in housing under construction, installment payments and possibility of resale – in this case it makes sense to purchase apartment in residential building that is still under construction. If you immediately need move to UAE for permanent living on the basis of a resident visa, or if you are interested in accommodation located in a well-known and prestigious project – then it is better to buy real estate in secondary market. Both kinds of options are presented on our site or you may contact us to get further information.

Advantages of buying flats for sale in UAE:

  • Excellent location in the popular resort region;
  • Absence of taxes and low additional costs for living;
  • State guarantees transparent process of transaction registration;
  • Large selection of types of apartments for sale – from studios to rooftop dwellings;
  • Unique architectural projects.
  • High profit and resale opportunity at the construction stage;
  • Stable growth in the price of constructed facilities;
  • A high rental rate, a high profitability from renting out your purchased property.
  • A resident visa for the property owner and his family members;
  • Stability of economic growth and prospects for further development of the region
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