Quicargo puts empty trucks back in business

truck-traffic-tel-aviv-560x372Quicargo, the latest in startups making old inefficient worlds more sustainable, targets inefficiency in the global transportation industry. The software company reduces empty trucking runs and maximizes trucks’ loading space.

As a result, carriers will increase their overall profits for truckers and their companies or contractors and shippers will reduce their shipment costs.

At any given moment millions of trucks are traveling around the world, more than 50% of them are running empty or with unused space. Frequently these trucks are returning hundreds of kilometers completely empty. It is a huge waste of fuel, manpower, air pollution and road congestion.

Quicargo, like what Greenroads did to fuel efficiency for truckers, brings the digital age to the freight industry by connecting shippers and local carriers through an advanced technological platform. The application, accessed via a smartphone or on the Web, connects businesses seeking immediate transportation of their goods with nearby truck drivers who have extra loading space.

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In most cases, truck drivers with anticipated route and unused loading space can offer shippers attractive prices and cut their shipment costs, while exploiting their unused loading space and turning it into a profitable return.

With the help of apps like Quicargo, GreenRoad, and professional freight funding companies (for example, TBS Freight Factoring), truckers are able to increase cashflow while also decreasing their environmental impact.

Avishai Trabelsi, the CEO and Co-Founder of Quicargo, found himself exposed to this problem about ten years ago as a dispatcher in his family’s transportation company, RT-Fresh. As the former CEO of his family business, Avishai realized empty runs is a worldwide problem with no immediate solution; seeing an opportunity in the transport market, Avishai resigned as CEO of RT-Fresh to form Quicargo Technologies Ltd, targeting the gap in a highly renowned and lucrative market.

According to the World Economic Forum, the total cost burden of unutilized loading space in Europe alone is approximately €160 billion: “By increasing the productivity in the trucking industry and reducing empty runs we can contribute to the global economy. Moreover, we can be part of the ‘green’ evolution, by filling up empty trucks, reducing air pollution and carbon emissions” claims Trabelsi.

Quicargo’s application provides an online marketplace for shippers and carriers to benefit from unutilized loading spaces. Shippers are able to post a shipping request, and carriers can bid on shipments in real time. Consequently, shippers will choose the most relevant bid according to the carrier’s price, location and rating.

The bidding system ensures high quality and a true market value. Throughout the process the shipper can track the cargo on their smartphone and upon arrival both sides will receive automatic invoices. To uphold high quality services participating carriers have to be experienced, insured and qualified by Quicargo’s quality standards (QCV).

After concluding a successful pilot in Israel, Quicargo aims to expand into the European market. The company’s team will seek strategic partners and plan to promote Quicargo in the upcoming October 2015 “Wolves Summit” in Warsaw and at the November 2015 “Web Summit” in Dublin.

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