First Earth Architecture festival in Iran would make Nader Khalili proud

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Iranian architect Nader Khalili, founder of the California Earth and Architecture Institute and proponent of the- dare we say- revolutionary SuperAdobe building technique, would be proud.

In the coming week from the 11th to the 14th of March 2015, l’Iran will inaugurate the first edition of “Regeneration of earthen architecture festival”  which aims to promote earth as the building medium of the future.

First earthen architecture festival in Iran

The event, organized by the Vernacular Architecture Research Center (VARC), and will take place in Yazd.

naderportrait2402This is a positive step forwards towards the recognition and practical application of Iranian sustainable building knowledge still locked inside vernacular architecture.

Nader spent much of his life pushing for the modern application of ancient building techniques in Iran, but in the end his dream came true in the US and not in his own country (it is true what they say about dreams come true in America).

Today we may start to see changes, like the modern integration on earthen wind catchers -bagdirs- to substitute air conditioning in Iran.

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