Old domed Arabian architecture transformed into playful murals


Street art helps the young generation cope with discontent and dissent- making space for fresh ideas, while preserving old values. At least that’s how we see it in this fantastic series of Tunisian murals which take the old Arabian domed style architecture in Tunisia and playfully interacts with it.


roa-4 dome art tunisia


The street art was created by ROA with some 150 others as part of Galerie Itinerrance’s Djerbahood open air museum project in Djerba, Tunisia. This artist took advantage of the domed buildings in the city for several of his monochromatic spray paint murals that spread across multiple surfaces. 

While this work was done by a Belgian, Tunisia’s got some pretty awesome local artists. Check out this street art in Arabic. And see Arab graffiti on the streets of Paris for more inspiration.

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