Raw human sewage murders millions of fish in Iran


This is what millions of dead fish in Iran look like: Raw, human sewage has leaked into a dammed river in the Tehran region of Iran killing millions of fish, a local news report there shows. 

Over this week some 30 tons of fish have died from the raw human sewage that poured into the Fashafuyeh dam. The damage totals an estimated 2 million fish, our source says.

The sewage was leaked by the residential town nearby. Reports say that residential sewage is going right into the dammed water.

hamidreza dastjerdi-tehran-iran-fish-dead

Mohsen Shokati, head of Rey City Environmental Protection Office: “Previously the housing complex’s sewage system poured into the lake through a canal, but now it directly goes to the lake,” he noted.

“Vavan housing complex needs a Water treatment facility. The construction work even started, but due to lack of budget the project was halted,” Shokati said.

The fish lived in a dam over an area of about 200 acres. All the water is now heavily polluted and the water can no longer be used by residents or their animals.

Negligence has been cited as the cause. Sadly this is too often the case when it comes to human abuse of our environment.

Images via ISNA; hat tip to our local contact Issa

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