An electric bike getaway “car” used by Israeli bomber

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In an attempt to settle a business dispute, an Acre-based man from Israel placed a bomb on his enemy’s car and fled the scene using an electric bike. While getaway vehicles are typically cars, or sometimes mopeds, the fact that this criminal chose an electric bike just shows how commonplace this mode of transport has become in Israel.

While electric bikes can go fast and certainly keep up to city speed traffic, this bomber couldn’t go fast enough on his e-ride to get away from the police.

The bombing attempt was set to “settle” a dispute between business store owners in a nearby shopping mall. Locals saw that the assailant affixed something to the side of a car and reported it to the police.

The bomber was due in court today for a hearing.

In Israel even lone bags found anywhere are reported and then detonated by remote-controlled robots. Affixing a bomb to a car in broad daylight and then trying to get away on an electric bike may be a green way to get even, but it’s not a very smart one. Thank heavens.

While I personally encourage the sport of bike riding in Israel and anywhere, I have a personal problem with electric bikes which are used both on the city roads and sidewalks in a careless and dangerous manner. Riders in Israel rarely wear helmets while on the roads, and on sidewalks go at extreme speeds – enough to kill someone. Or themselves which they do.

Most electric bikes in Israel are modded and upgraded from regular city bikes, unlike the electric bikes you see in the above image.

Cities need to start thinking about legislation for electric scooters and e-bikes so that city-goers cab get around freely and safely no matter their mode of movement.

And if you are thinking about upgrading your bike (thieves excepted), try this Copenhagen Wheel.

Above image of electric bikes in China from Shutterstock

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