Blob Helps You Work and Store Stuff in Small Spaces (video)

International Federation of Interior Designers/Architects

Not ready for Christmas, just yet, this Israeli multi-purpose desk design and storage unit could be on a green shopper’s list next year if it goes to production.

Blob is made by two Israeli designers Alina Boukovsky and Yirat Lorenz who just won a prestigious global student design award where they came out top.

The idea was to design something suitable for small spaces, the latest trend in architecture and design. As our cities become more dense, multi-functional furniture that fits into small spaces is highly sought out.

In choosing a winner, entries were judged on a list of evaluative criteria including conceptual creativity, originality, aesthetic, social and environmental considerations, ability to visually/verbally explain the ideas, and presentation skill.

Watch the video of Blob below:

The Israeli designers come from the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion where they are third year college students.

International Federation of Interior Designers/Architects

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With 35 entries from 23 universities in 16 countries, the next generation of designers took part in the inaugural WING International Student Design Competition and Awards by the International Federation of Interior Designers/Architects.

This year’s winning entries were chosen by an international judging panel of renowned personalities in the world of design including Raymund Königk (South Africa), Nilgün Çarkaci (Turkey), Sylvia Leydecker (Germany), Kay Sargent (USA), Naoki Iijima (Japan) and Shashi Caan (Chair, USA).

Titled ‘Blob: Innovative Workspace’, the design team concept focuses on the personal space of people being dramatically reduced in the modern era as result of a demographic shift.

The design was influenced by the recent trend to create products containing a multitude of uses in one element, or convergences. Given this trend, they developed a workspace model that meets both functional and decorative aspects.

With an iron rod as the backbone of the workstation, the MDF (medium-density fibreboard) units threaded through the rod, moving around in a unique way, according to the required function. The center pole also doubles as a pass through for the power cable for the lighting fixture located at the top of the model.

“In my design projects I always try to find original, interesting and creative solutions, even for the most standard cases,” said Yirat whose connection to art began at early childhood.

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