Australia Kills Nearly 400 Camels From the Sky

Australia, camels, culling, feral camels, camel milk, genetically-modified camelsCamels are a nomad’s best friend but a serious nuisance in Australia, where the environmental ministry recently culled nearly 400 of them en masse. Despite efforts from locals to raise awareness of the numerous benefits of camels, the government has long waged a campaign against feral camels that roam the country’s desert region.

The South Australian Environment Department killed the camels after a truck collided with seven animals on the Eyre highway linking southern and western Australia. The truck driver wasn’t injured in the crash, but Nick Secomb, Project manager of the South Australian Feral Camel Management Project, told local press that “the camels weren’t so lucky.”

Meanwhile in Dubai, camels are being genetically engineered to produce pharmaceutical proteins through their milk. This is the first time, according to our sources, that drugs produced by transgenic animals will be approved for use in humans.

Image credit: Herd of Camels, Shutterstock

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  1. torun says:

    its a violence with camels.i heat australian action againest there camels.

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