Emirati Student Designs a Green-Roofed Mosque Minus a Dome or Minaret

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We are at the edge of one of the most important epochs in religious architecture. Architects working on mosque designs are bound by energy and resource constraints in addition to escalating temperatures and the threat of rising seas, but they are also restricted by the expectations of tradition. Which is what makes Suhail Mohammed Suleiman’s graduation project so remarkable.

Although mosques have not always had minarets, it’s uncommon to find a contemporary mosque in the Muslim world that does not bear the familiar spire from which the adhan is called five times a day. But Suleiman eschews the status quo, calling for rooftop gardens and solar panels instead. And he has dedicated his project to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed – Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in the hopes that it will be built on Saadiyat Island.

green roof, eco-mosque, solar-power, architecture, religion, green design, sustainable design, eco-design

Just 23, the ALHOSN University architecture graduate did internships at the Environment Agency Abud Dhabi and the General Authority of Islamic Offices and Endownments, which has given Suleiman’s eco-mosque their blessing.

Designed to be a solar-powered structure constructed out of Corian, an increasingly popular material typically used in interiors, that also features rooftop gardens, the eco-mosque concept evolved out of those two internships.

Corian is not as sensible as earth construction, it is superior to glass – particularly in the desert – since it permits natural light to permeate the building without the solar gain associated with what one an architect working for a leading design firm believes is the worst possible material to use in the Gulf region.

The grey water used for ritual ablutions will be recycled for landscaping and potentially the building’s plumbing, and an open-air courtyard will be covered with fabric in order to provide additional shade.

green roof, eco-mosque, solar-power, architecture, religion, green design, sustainable design, eco-design

Conspicuously absent from this design is a dome or minaret. In their stead, Suleiman has modeled two crescent-topped spires of varying height that ostensibly point towards Mecca – one of the minaret’s chief functions.

Although this is not a green light for construction, the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council has awarded the proposal a Five Pearl Rating under the Estidama sustainability framework, according to Alhosn University’s website. But Suleiman is eager to see his unconventional eco-mosque, along with an adjacent Islamic center, take shape amid other sensible projects.

“The young architect is collecting funds for the project’s construction and negotiating with the Tourism Development and Investment Company in a bid to see his project built on Saadiyat Island,” wrote The National. “With its design, the building will be “in harmony” with other modern structures planned for the district,” he said.

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7 thoughts on “Emirati Student Designs a Green-Roofed Mosque Minus a Dome or Minaret”

  1. سعيد الدرعي says:

    سهيل ربي يحفظك ماعليك من العذال
    الله يشفيهم

  2. مريم الراشدي says:

    I am very proud of you, son of United Arab Emirates

    its very wonderful and special

  3. RO7 UAE says:

    لا تردون على الحسااااااااااااااااااااااد

    All of us (UAE) with you Suhail
    you deserve it very good jop

  4. salem Al Niade says:

    Architect,, im very sad of you hhhh
    i dont know suhai personally
    im from AL Hosn Uni , Suhail get A+
    But I know and I see him suffering to get it to be creator doing some thing to uae .Plus certificates of Alheiyat enough i think
    you are Envious and patient so sorry for you

    Suhail bro go on
    Allah y7f*6ak for uae

  5. Nada AlRaeesi says:

    Really can not throw the only fruit tree .. Suhail creative human being deserves thanks and appreciation, and those responses that reduce the amount of what is only hateful people unable to achieve part of what is achieved by brother Sohail.

  6. Architect says:

    This design has no connection with the traditional or islamic architecture as he claimed.

    Its just a conceptual dream has no links to real architecture design or process

    In my opinion it looks like a dainasour with two heads!!!

    And who does not know Suhail in al hosn university, he is the less creative with funny projects which never reach the level of a university student, plus most of his work if not all are done by other

    Wakeup ppl

  7. Mariamm says:

    Emeaseng work god luk I’m glad to be a more person think for improve our cantry go a he’d you are grow in UAE and it is the saving from what the country.spend to take care for what we have Emeaseng prin and god behave god whith you 

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