Think Green in Arabic, English, Hebrew and Russian

think green israel gamAvailable in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian, the Israeli government launches a new go green game to learn about saving the earth.

Israel’s Environmental Protection Agency recently launched a free online game and iphone application called Thinking Green, aimed at promoting eco-conscious consumerism. It is part of the Ministry’s Think Green campaign. The application (although it’s not really clear where to find it) offers tips on green behavior and a test to help users see if they were able to maximize their savings through such practices.

As of 2009 studies showed that the average Israeli emitted 9.19 tonnes (one tonne equals 1000 kilograms) of carbon dioxide a year from fuel consumption alone. That still puts Israel’s consumption drastically lower than other western nations.

For example, Australians emitted 18.75, the Irish 10.13 and the Japanese 9.68 tonnes each. But in Israel’s fragile environment resources such as water and energy must be cautiously safeguarded.

Other focus areas:

Driving at a steady speed and avoiding sudden acceleration can save us up to 150 shekels a month and save us from excess air pollution which endangers our health.

Reducing unnecessary printing and using two-sided printing can save up to 130 trees in a person’s lifetime, and save us from the substantial air pollution caused by paper production and transport.

Buying with the help of a shopping list can reduce extraneous purchases of up to 350 shekels per month and prevent excess waste which harms the environment.

Raising the air conditioner temperature by one degree can save 5% of the electricity it consumes and save us all from excess air pollution.

If everyone stops littering, our country will be as clean as Switzerland.

The Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection, Gilad Erdan, says that he hopes new media can be utilized to promote “smart consumerism” and help Israelis adopt practices that are easier on both their environment and their wallets.

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  1. boris says:

    Raising air temperature is a tough sell. Everything else can be done.

  2. ross bodle says:

    This idea isn’t new but it’s the only way for man to save our planet and ourselves, congratulations to Leigh Cuen and her team, well done.

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