EcoVentures Helps United Arab Emirates Companies Improve Environmental Track Record

(Aerial view of the Burj Hotel in Dubai, UAE)

Following the news of Etihad, a United Arab Emirates airline that is reducing its carbon footprint, a number of companies based in the UAE are following suit and are making green efforts thanks to help from firms like the Dubai-based EcoVentures.

EcoVentures is a company – an emissions reduction specialist – which help companies in the Middle East take control of their carbon footprints.

According to a Gulf News story, the UAE companies aim to reduce their carbon footprint in their manufacturing operation and induce their employees to become more aware of the environment in which they live.

Eighty-two companies in the UAE were sent a 22 question survey dealing with what they can do to help reduce emissions caused by them.

Some companies preferred to remain anonymous, out of a fear of losing business from non-complying firms; and are instructing their employees to take measures such as conservation of the natural resources they are using to not only conserve them but protect the environment as well.

Many companies said they would like to calculate their carbon footprint sometime in the next two years, according to EcoVentures.

UAE cooperating companies are working together with environmental organizations such as EcoVentures International, based in Washington D.C., to monitor and correct excessive carbon based emissions.

Shezan Amiji, Managing Director of EcoVentures, said he was pleased that so many UAE companies are willing to participate in the study and take measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

The recent Earth Day commemorations were also seen as being very important, especially with the launching of a special two year Green Generation Campaign that will continue until the 2010 Earth Day celebrations. Not only UAE companies, but private consumers as well will be participating and encourage them to review their consumption of electricity and water, in order to encourage to make changes in their lifestyle to conserve them. “It might start with the car you drive or how your air conditioner blows,” an EcoVentures spokesperson said.

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