Green Clean

Being green is about being clean. In order to remove dust effectively from furniture use a slightly damp cloth – dusters only move the dust around. For a green polish try beeswax, it’s great for unpolished wood; or use a drop of olive oil, then buff with a dry cloth. This way you can cut down the circulation of nasty chemicals normally used when cleaning around the house.

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One thought on “Green Clean”

  1. Hey, do you guys have any idea where in Israel you can get a package of baking soda that is larger than a few tablespoons worth? Bicarbonate of soda is FANTASTIC for all sorts of green cleaning, but I can’t find anything but teeny, tiny little boxes of it here, and then inside the teeny box is just an itty, bitty bag with a tweensy bit of baking soda. What is that all about, anyway?

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