The Grass Is Greener In The UAE


How green is your fodder? Turns out, in the UAE, not so green. A new program aims to change that. In order to combat the dual challenge of desertification and regional water shortages, the United Arab Emirates are experimenting with myriad innovations. The latest encourages local farmers to switch to a different variety of fodder. […]

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Morocco, Egypt Eye Eco-tourism Markets


Can countries with unrest commit to eco-tourism aspirations? With countries across the Middle East – North Africa (MENA) region facing often fatal unrest like the food riots in Tunisia, it seems rather frivolous to be thinking about the travel industry. But with tourism a major earner for many Middle East & North African countries, the […]

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Dubai Gets Its First “Green” Gas Station


Enoc collects fuel vapors and incorporates other green elements into Dubai residential filling station. Last September, Dubai ran short on gas, while other Gulf countries re-evaluated their long term energy plan as a result of looming peak oil. Now The National reports that Dubai has installed a “green” petrol station that not only captures and […]

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GE Partnership With Kinrot Ventures Takes Clean Water Innovation Global


GE has just announced a partnership agreement with Kinrot Ventures, the internationally recognized Israeli trailblazer in VC funding for advanced water technologies. Hot on the heels of reaching out to international innovators with the Eco Imagination Challenge, GE is now making a strategic move into the water innovation business, as countries around the world begin […]

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Hunky Surfer Calendar Raises Money and Awareness for EcoOcean and Surfing4Peace


New 2011 calendar proves that water conservation can be hunky. One young Swede who recently immigrated to Israel, and was perhaps unaccustomed to the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, decided that the breathtaking body of water deserves all the conservation efforts it can get.  And so she recently embarked on a project to raise money for two […]

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Reclaimed Saudi Wetland Garners Prestigious Aga Khan Award


Aga Khan awards the Wadi Hanifa reclamation project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with top honors. Typically the Aga Khan Award for Architecture is reserved for just that – socially transformative buildings constructed in areas that have a strong Muslim presence. But this year, Aga Khan also recognized Saudi’s Wadi Hanifa Watershed project for its contribution […]

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Mey & Boaz Kahn’s “ecooler” Beats The Middle Eastern Heat


Israeli design couple Mey and Boaz Kahn create the coolest network of hollow tiles based on two ancient Middle Eastern heat-beating concepts. The Hebrew language demonstrates the extent to which ancient Jews valued or, more accurately, revered nature for its life-giving properties. My favorite example of this sacred interconnectedness is the word for rain, which […]

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