A Roadmap To Blue (H2O) Peace In The Middle East

With input from over 100 Middle Eastern leaders, the Swiss government has produced a positive tool that could transform regional water policies. There are no foregone conclusions. How the next few decades proceed depends on us, on actions that we take today. We know that the Jordan River barely exists six months every year, such […]


Abu Dhabi To Plant Sewage-Fed Forest By End Of 2011

Abu Dhabi leads the Gulf Region in environmental innovation. This time, a desert forest irrigated with treated wastewater. Last year we were somewhat alarmed that the UAE had ambitions to plant one million trees. Even though the carbon sponging benefits are potentially enormous, the water required to keep said trees alive might have overwhelmed the […]


The Grass Is Greener In The UAE

How green is your fodder? Turns out, in the UAE, not so green. A new program aims to change that. In order to combat the dual challenge of desertification and regional water shortages, the United Arab Emirates are experimenting with myriad innovations. The latest encourages local farmers to switch to a different variety of fodder. […]


Morocco, Egypt Eye Eco-tourism Markets

Can countries with unrest commit to eco-tourism aspirations? With countries across the Middle East – North Africa (MENA) region facing often fatal unrest like the food riots in Tunisia, it seems rather frivolous to be thinking about the travel industry. But with tourism a major earner for many Middle East & North African countries, the […]


Dubai Gets Its First “Green” Gas Station

Enoc collects fuel vapors and incorporates other green elements into Dubai residential filling station. Last September, Dubai ran short on gas, while other Gulf countries re-evaluated their long term energy plan as a result of looming peak oil. Now The National reports that Dubai has installed a “green” petrol station that not only captures and […]


Eco-Lessons To Empower Women In Abu Dhabi

 As the environmental movement in the Middle East blossoms, women are being encouraged to take a more active role in environmental protection We have already profiled the lovely ladies at Naqa’a, an environmental group based in Saudi as well as the Eco-Chicks of Abu Dhabi who are making strides in introducing the climate agenda […]


Desalinated Saudi Arabian Water Costs More for Foreigners

Water theme parks, like this one in the UAE, won’t reduce high water tariffs from desalination Saudi Arabia’s plans to increase water tariffs for non-residents, due to the high cost of producing desalinated fresh water, has an all too familiar ring in today’s increasing reliance on desalination in water scarce regions like the Middle East. […]


Reclaimed Saudi Wetland Garners Prestigious Aga Khan Award

Aga Khan awards the Wadi Hanifa reclamation project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with top honors. Typically the Aga Khan Award for Architecture is reserved for just that – socially transformative buildings constructed in areas that have a strong Muslim presence. But this year, Aga Khan also recognized Saudi’s Wadi Hanifa Watershed project for its contribution […]


Put Away Your Snowboard. Lebanon’s Slopes Are Melting

Climate change ruins all the fun. Higher temperatures have cut the skiing season in half. Lebanon’s citizens were not dealt an easy life. Their cultural institutions are crumbling, their portion of the Mediterranean is an apocalyptic zone, and every so often their country comes under a barrage of artillery fire because of deadly political disputes. […]


Arab Apathy Leads To Middle East Water Apocalypse

By calling the Middle East water problem an apocalypse, AFED Secretary General attempts to draw attention to the real and immediate danger shortages represent. While bureaucrats push paper in their plush offices, the citizens they represent face what one senior researcher calls a water apocalypse. Yemen’s aquifers could dry up as early as 2012, thereby […]


How Vegetarians Can Solve The Middle East Water Crisis

Hope floats. Want to help save water and feed nine billion people? Go vegetarian. For vegetarians who have researched all the possible angles to justify their meatless habit – it’s healthier, we might say, or Islam sanctions it, it is no secret that raising meat taxes the environment. In addition to methane gases released, particularly by […]


Going Green In Abu Dhabi Isn’t Easy Without Eva Ramos

Eva Ramos relies on 15 years of sustainability experience to lead Abu Dhabi down a greener path. With so much media criticism leveled at businesses and governments for their failure to incorporate more sustainable practices, it’s helpful to ensure that a path to achieving sustainability is clear. And so far, it isn’t. Ever tried changing […]


Inspired By Nature, Water Tips For The Middle East #1

In a region where water grows increasingly scarce, we look to nature for various tips on how to make the most of what we have. Melissa Sterry, a futurologist and scientist whose “Bionic City” incorporates lessons from biomimicry, resilience theory, and living architecture to create a city model that can withstand any extreme natural phenomena, […]


Yemen’s Water Crisis Could Worsen Security

The Federation of American Scientists urge Yemen to take up “science diplomacy” – otherwise existing security problems could get worse. Yemen looks like the bust of a flat-faced woman floating on the Gulf of Aden. Recently this harsh stretch of land, which shares its northwestern and most volatile border with Saudi Arabia and is flanked […]


Interview: Bracing For A Warmer Future With Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben talks about fossil fuels, a “slightly earlier time,” and’s goal to ensure a future for the world’s youth. Bill McKibben needs very little introduction, but I’ll give one anyway. Not only is he considered one of America’s leading environmentalists, who has written a small sack full of books and contributes to numerous […]


How Islam Could Help Fight Water Scarcity

Muslim nations may face a lot of diverse problem but one concern they share is water scarcity. At the latest conference of Islamic environment ministers, water shortage was highlighted as one of the most pressing environmental issue facing the region and Muslim leaders stated it finding a solution was one of the ‘most important duties […]