Green Lullaby Makes Recycled Dollhouses and Doll Cradles

Ecomum has already sung the praises of Israeli company Green Lullaby’s cardboard-made EcoCradle.  Made completely out of corrugated cardboard, this lightweight and easily assemblable cradle is a great eco friendly alternative to new, shiny wood or metal cribs and can be used for a baby’s first few months.  EcoCradles are completely recyclable, made mostly from […]


"Eco-Design" Still A Trend To Follow In 2009

Some say that Eco-Design and other green initiatives are just a trend and it’ll go away like many other buzzwords. According to this is not the case. It looks like Simplexity is going to rule 2009. We’ll see more designed products that carry a simple design, maintaining ease of use while not giving up […]


Study Abroad at Kibbutz Lotan, an Israeli Eco Village

College students don’t usually need a justifiable reason for studying abroad.  And study abroad in Israel?  There’s the sun, the beach, the good food, the beautiful people… all very educational, of course.  But for those students who are looking for a justifiable reason (at least one they can tell their undergraduate advisors or parents), how […]


Do You Crochet?

If you don’t, perhaps you know someone who does? Save your old t-shirts. If cut & sewn into long strips connecting them into one big ball of “yarn” they can be crocheted or knitted into heavy afghans, blankets, bedspreads, lap covers, rugs, or clothing, such as hats, scarves, or shawls and ponchos. Guaranteed, that you’ll […]


Plantware's Eco-Architecture To "Grow Your Own" Homes

A bus stop that grows its own foliage as shade? A children’s playground, made entirely from trees? A shelter made from living tree roots that could provide natural protection against earthquakes in California? “Eco-architecture” may sound like a Buck Rogers vision of an ecologically-sustainable future, but that future is now thanks to the guidance of […]


Skins Footware is Skinny on the Resources

Imagine being able to buy ten pairs of shoes and only spend the resources (both natural and financial) necessary for half that many.  Sounds like every eco chic woman‘s dream, right?  Eco chic or not, every woman knows that you need those perfect going out shoes for evenings, elegant ballet flats for the office, sneakers […]


Cotton's Organic Clothes Are Soft on the Environment

Last week we wrote about an environmentally conscious window display in Tel Aviv designed by Shulayim Studio, but the store that the window belonged to – Cotton – is news worthy as well. Cotton started making a limited line of clothes in 1992 with the goal of creating pieces that are unique, comfortable, woman-friendly, environmentally-friendly, […]


New "Baby Organic" Online Shop in Israel

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the organic baby in the baby carriage. Today we would like to welcome, the guest post of Avi Yacove who has just helped give life to Baby Organic, a new online baby’s clothing store based in Israel. Writes Avi: Baby Organic came to mind as an idea […]


Arik Levy’s sustainable lighting

Forget the eco-friendly lightbulbs. Arik Levy’s got a new solution: Teaming up with couture lighting company Saazs and other noted designers, the invention is light-emitting glass plates. Apparently something called “planilum technology”, which sounds like it’s straight from a work of science fiction or comic book, enables the glass itself to emit light. And cutting-edge […]


Recycling Plastic Bags Into…Beautiful Handbags

Here at Green Prophet we regularly publicize the bigger recycling initiatives around the country that we hear about, like our recent posts on Plastic Bags & Art Recycling , Smell the Recycled Roses, and Abu Yoyo: Closing the Loop in Banner Advertising. While we hope these large scale inspiring projects keep coming, and we salute […]


Guide to greening your wardrobe

There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness -Mahatma Gandhi It was my first year of university and I had just settled into city life. There were lots of friends, parties – a great social scene. Burdened by the cost of having to support myself, I eyed the fancy […]


Yael Mer’s boots are made for rocking

We are enamoured by Yael Mer’s evacuation kayak skirt and slipper rocker inventions which first appeared here on Green Prophet. And of course, the wildly popular StickyStains of Yael’s boyfriend and design partner Shay Alkalay. Today, take a gander at an extension of Mer’s slipper rocker, the Rocking Boots. The big question is where can […]